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Plan B   (EC / MAP) 
generically known as Emergency Contraception / Morning After Pill

Any EC is a High-Dose Hormone (or combo of hormones) which:
1. Does nothing (it is not the woman's ovulation time)
2. Possibly blocks ovulation (no egg would be released; very short time-frame)
3. Prevents new embryo from implanting in uterus (“post-fertilization effect”)

“Conception” was redefined by contraception & abortion promoters in the 1960s to mean “implantation in the uterus”, not “fertilization”.

Thus, using this double-speak definition, a human embryo eliminated from the mother’s body before implanting in the uterus is not “conceived”, she was not pregnant, and no abortion took place. That is how they can say that Plan B and other abortifacient contraceptives do not cause abortions, although most agree they cause a “post-fertilization effect” (affects the ability of the embryo to implant).

The intent of Plan B is to prevent the birth of a child. 


Plan B causes Several Major Medical Concerns:

No Physician Oversight. Young women 17+ (as of April 2009) are able to go to any pharmacy and pick Plan B off the shelf (OTC – over the counter), without a prescription. It is a high dose progestin (probably levonorgestrel). We know the controversy over DES in the 1950s and Hormone Replacement Therapy now; the World Health Org. (WHO) lists most artificial estrogens & progestins as carcinogenic (cancer-causing), and high-dose hormones can cause blood clots, strokes, and other severely adverse effects.


No Studies to Evaluate Long-Term Use have been done. Sexually active girls using Plan B after every sexual encounter, could be polluting their bodies several times each month, thus collecting a huge residual amount of hormones.


Increased Sexual Predation and Statutory Rape. Older boys/men can buy Plan B and make their young girl “objects” take it to avoid pregnancy. They are only concerned about hiding the sexual activity with minors; they are not concerned about the emotional harm they cause or about transmitting STDs…


Increased STD Rates. More sexual activity will occur because of the “sense of security” advertised with Plan B. Some strains of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) cause 99% of all cervical cancer; only some of these are blocked by the HPV vaccine. Studies are suggesting that STDs may even increase with the use of chemical birth control.


Increased Abortion Rates, esp. among teens. The whole promotion of Plan B is that it will cut abortion rates by 50%, yet no study shows this. On the contrary, abortion numbers in Europe remain constant or increase among teens using EC/MAP.


Increased Risk of Ectopic (Tubal) Pregnancy. WHO studies show that ectopic pregnancy rates TRIPLE with certain EC/MAP use. Without physician oversight, this is a very serious concern. 


Lack of Informed Consent. Women are not being told the information above.

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RU 486

This is the “Abortion Pill”; it is composed of a regimen of mifepristone (Mifeprex) to kill the human embryo, & then misoprostol (off-label Cytotec) to cause uterine contractions.

Mifepristone — RU 486 — is made in China.

Several women worldwide have died from this type of “Medical Abortion”.

Many places (studies in developing nations, and even in the U.S.) are now simply using misoprostol to expel the human embryo because it is not as expensive a process (also not as "successful" at aborting the human embryo and is more dangerous to the mother)…

For more information on RU 486, check the "Abortion" section in the left menu, or "Search" for RU 486, or for Mifepristone or Mifeprex, exact words.


Ella Causes Abortions – in the same abortifacient family as RU 486; yet, despite clear knowledge that Ella causes abortion, the FDA approved Ella as a 'contraceptive', which it is not.

The term “conception” has meant implantation in the uterus, not “fertilization”, since 1965. The abortion industry and pharmaceutical companies never informed the general public of this definition change, in order to cause confusion and acceptance of contraception and chemical abortion.



Stem Cells

There are 2 basic kinds of Stem Cells:
1. Embryonic Stem Cells
2. Non-Embryonic Stem Cells


Embryonic Stem Cells are obtained by making, then destroying human embryos in a lab.

This is unethical.

Thousands of human eggs are required, and are removed from women in a technique which can endanger their health. This is also unethical.

Objective scientists are admitting more frequently that embryonic stem cell research is not working (cannot stop tumors or overcome rejection).

NOT ONE successful human treatment has yet been developed using Embryo-Destructive Stem Cells…not even one.

Embryonic Stem Cells tend to be rejected by recipient, and they also tend to form tumors. 



Non-Embryonic Stem Cells are obtained from already born people, and are thus morally and ethically acceptable. Non-Embryonic Stem cells include:

1. Adult Stem Cells from our body tissues or organs

2. Umbilical Cord Blood, Umbilical Cord Matrix, Placenta

3. iPSCs — induced Pluripotent Stem Cells  (NEW in 2007, and many problems are surfacing; other new methods are being developed, even the production of stem cells directly from body cells…)

Adult Stem Cells come from many of our body tissues, including muscle, neural, skin, bone marrow, and even fat tissue, nasal tissue, the ear, and tooth pulp!

Other Non-Embryonic Stem Cells are obtained from the placenta and also from umbilical cord gel structure & umbilical cord blood.

Other experimental research is producing stem cells via body cell transformation.


At this moment, between 70-80  diseases or conditions have been successfully treated (& some cured) using adult or cord blood stem cells.

We have used bone marrow treatments for decades, and now realize that the “active ingredient” has been stem cells!

In 2007, iPSCs (induced Pluripotent Stem Cells) have been produced from mouse skin cells by adding 3-4 extra proteins to "reprogram the cells into embryo-like cells which can then be stimulated to grow into various types of body tissues". [ED. problems are surfacing…]

Thus, most are now recognizing that embryonic stem cell and cloning research will soon be obsolete.

While some rogue researchers continue to promote adult stem cells for human cloning, private industry is putting their funding in the already successful adult & cord blood stem cell research which can even produce organs.

Stem cell research which WORKS will be the stem cell research that WINS…

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We hope this little Primer has been helpful.

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