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The Planned Parenthood Federation, the nation’s largest abortion business, has released a new memo revealing its upcoming national strategy.

The memo focuses mostly on the efforts of pro-life advocates to counter the abortion business and it laments the amount of time Planned Parenthood devotes to responding.

Cecile Richards, who became the new president of the pro-abortion outfit earlier this year, writes the memo and bases it on her observations during her 9 months as president.

Richards says that the strategy was developed to answer the question, “What do we have to do differently to achieve our goals more quickly and more effectively?”

Jim Sedlak of STOPP International, a group that monitors Planned Parenthood, has analyzed the memo’s contents.

“The thing that hits you about A Strategy for Moving Forward is that Richards believes that pro-life forces have been very effective in our battle against Planned Parenthood,” he explained.

“She says that Planned Parenthood is on the ‘defensive.'”

“The entire tone of this document reveals a Planned Parenthood leader who feels the organization is under siege,” Sedlak adds.

“She continually talks about Planned Parenthood needing to take the lead in explaining the things it is for, rather than defending what it does.”

[26Oct06, DC]