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Planned Parenthood claims to be the ultimate “sexual health” expert, especially for women. But, when you look a little deeper, what will you find?

A federally-funded, corrupt business relying on a vicious cycle of bad decisions.

Not only is the nation’s largest abortion vendor currently under investigation by the GAO (Government Accountability Office) for double billing Medicaid, but now they are being paid more than $650,000 as official “Obamacare Navigators” to push women and men to sign up for Obamacare, which they stand to make hundreds of millions from.

This fall, Students for Life of America is exposing Planned Parenthood for the corrupt and dirty abortion vendor they are by taking our Planned Parenthood Project to over 40 schools in 20 states.

We want students to know what Planned Parenthood’s real plan means for them.

What’s been the most shocking so far on campuses? Pro-choice students are thanking us for exposing the truth.

Because no matter where you fall on the abortion question, no one wants to feel like they are being targeted and used by a business, which is exactly Planned Parenthood’s model.

Using our tax-payer dollars, Planned Parenthood lobbies for and even teaches, in many school districts, comprehensive sex education, which they believe should be taught to [very young] children.

This sex “education” promotes promiscuity, carcinogenic contraception use, and attempts to normalize inappropriate relationships and abortion.

Young children into their teen years are taught through ‘comprehensive sex education’ that sexual experimentation is perfectly safe and acceptable as long as they use condoms and take a form of hormonal birth control.

Here’s the problem – the contraception Planned Parenthood offers to sexually active teens and young adults is faulty, and Planned Parenthood knows it.

Students on college campuses are shocked to find out that Consumer Reports rated Planned Parenthood condoms as the lowest quality, meaning they will ‘fail’ more times to prevent pregnancy than other condoms.

In addition, the artificial estrogen hormonal contraception they push has been labeled by the liberal World Health Organization as a Type 1 Carcinogen – the same category which includes cigarettes and asbestos – which means it causes cancer.

Now that young people are sexually active (thanks in large part to Planned Parenthood) and using defective and cancer-causing contraception, where do they turn when they become or think they have become the ‘one of two’ under 25-years-old who contracts a STD?   Planned Parenthood.

Then, where do they return when they inevitably become pregnant? Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood commits on average 915 abortions per day, making abortion 92% of their pregnancy services.

These abortions created revenue of $150 million last year alone.

Options counseling? Forget it.

Planned Parenthood takes “choice” from the conversation by offering abortion as the only answer.

Former Planned Parenthood employees have admitted that their “options counseling” is simply about getting women to have abortions so that Planned Parenthood facilities are able to meet their mandated abortion quotas.

Having a hard time, believing this fact?

Just check out Planned Parenthood’s own Annual Report, which shows they commit 145 abortions for every 1 adoption referral. Why? There’s no money for them in adoption or parenting.

Planned Parenthood is about one thing: Abortion. No matter what.

So, it only makes sense that Planned Parenthood would jump at the opportunity to push Obamacare on women in need.

At the end of the day, the more women enrolled in Obamacare, the more women they charge the government and taxpayers for servicing.

Don’t forget, this non-profit organization rakes in already more than $542 million dollars in taxpayer funds every year and boasts a profit well over $100 million.

Conflict of interest? Oh, Yes.

[Kristan Hawkins | Washington, DC, 10/1/13, ]