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The nation’s largest abortion business has started a new wireless communications system partnering with a long-time pro-abortion long-distance carrier.

Planned Parenthood’s new cell phone service will allow pro-abortion activists to not only make calls but get action alerts from the organization.

Planned Parenthood Wireless is a new affinity program that allows its supporters to sign up for a mobile phone service and see 10% of their monthly bill go back to the abortion business.

The pro-abortion group will also use customers’ monthly bills to include action alerts and information and will provide 30 free minutes of calls every month to encourage its members to talk to friends about abortion issues.

The service is handled exclusively by Working Assets, a company that exists to sell phone service to left-wing political activists who want to see their favorite groups supported.

It has provided long-distance phone services for Planned Parenthood for years.

The pro-life side of the abortion debate also has companies that provide telephone service.

The Missouri-based Pro Life Communications offers long-distance, local telephone, nationwide cellular, Internet, and will soon be adding satellite television to its lineup.

The company says it donates all of its profits to pro-life organizations, which is currently about 15% of the monthly bill customers pay.

Another company, Amerivision Communications, has been working with pro-life groups for many years to provide them with affinity long-distance services for their members.

Also known as LifeLine Communications or Affinity 4, the company offers Internet services as well as wireless communications, credit cards, and DirecTV service.

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