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As we have been reporting in the Wednesday STOPP Report over the last year, Planned Parenthood has been opening or trying to open large mega-center clinics all across the country.

Such mega-centers are open or planned for Aurora, Illinois; Portland, Oregon; Stapleton, Colorado; Houston, Texas; Sarasota, Florida and a number of other places.

STOPP has obtained Planned Parenthood Federation of America documents that may partially explain these new mega-centers.

According to this information, PP is pushing for its affiliates to explore two new “business opportunities” — that is PP’s description.

These are laboratory services and clinical research.

PP currently is engaged in some activities, such as providing Pap smears, that require it to send material to local laboratories for analysis.

PP could save money if it did this laboratory analysis itself.

However, it would obviously need a certain volume of business to make the investment in equipment and personnel worthwhile.

We believe that PP is not only going to use its mega-centers to do the lab work for a large number of PP clinics in a region, but will also try to expand the business to offer laboratory services to local physicians and other medical groups.

The second “business opportunity” described by Planned Parenthood is clinical research.

This could take many forms, but, given Planned Parenthood’s highly concentrated young customer base, it is easy to imagine that this new business could include conducting drug trials on innocent young children.

One need only watch a couple of days’ worth of television commercials to see the veritable explosion of contraceptive drugs hitting the market.

All of these drugs need to be tested on humans and PP seems to be positioning itself to do such clinical research in its mega-centers.

Of course, drug testing is only one possibility.

It is also possible that PP could do clinical research on new abortion techniques or engage in other ominous ventures.

[Ed. … such as marketing aborted baby body parts…]

We at American Life League are working with pro-life groups across the country to develop effective efforts to counter this new push by PP.

As methods prove effective, we will bring them to you in the WSR so that you can use them in your communities.

As all of this develops, we need your help. We ask every reader of this report to please do the following:

1. Let us know if there is a PP mega-center (a building of more than 20,000 square feet) planned for your area.

2. Use the Freedom of Information Act to obtain floor plans (from your local building or zoning department) of the existing or proposed facility and send a copy to us.

3. If you currently have a presence outside of the PP facilities in your area, keep up the great work and make sure all regularly scheduled (at least monthly) events are listed in the American Life League Map Room (

4. Begin a presence outside of any PP facility in your area where there is not already a presence. You will find information on how to get started in our Map Room…Thank you for all you do. As always, we will bring you the latest developments in the fight against Planned Parenthood as they arise.

[STOPP Report, 30 April2008]