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Even before Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, released a video attempting to defend the organization in light of the fetal parts for sale video that has rocked the abortion profiteer, she had taken to Twitter to attempt a modicum of damage control.

She failed.

It seems that Twitter users aren’t buying her spin, and they aren’t afraid to tell her so.

Richards posted several tweets on July 15, the day after the video release, attempting to spin the video as an attack against her upstanding health care agency.

Here’s one tweet:

“Planned Parenthood provides compassionate care to nearly 3m people every year as they make important personal decisions about their futures.”

Instead of getting mounds of sympathy, Richards was met with sarcasm and anger, such as “‘compassionate care’–didn’t realize killing unborn humans and selling their body parts was compassionate care” … “Important personal decisions like, “Do I crush above or below this limb?” … “crush it and compassionate don’t go together” … “How much must your cut be per baby head sold to get to your $500k salary?”

So, Cecile then tried this: “We’ve fought for our patients before, and we’ll fight for them again and again.”

Responses included: “So in your twisted world, dismembering little kids and selling their organs and limbs is fighting for your patients? Got it” … “We’ve fought for our ability to harvest and sell human organs before, and we’ll fight for them again and again” … “We’ll fight for every piece of them! The Livers! The Hearts! Lungs are now available for sale as well!”

Not known to give up, Cecile tweeted: “GOP leaders, including most of the ’16 field, are tripping over themselves to attack PP because they think that’s how to win elections.”

Responses: “You’re angry at the wrong people. Don’t get mad at the GOP because you were busted harvesting baby organs.” … “no they think murdering and dismembering baby’s [sic] is evil and shouldn’t be paid for by tax payers!” … “Don’t think you’ll spin your way out of this. Where’s your humanity, conscience?” … “You really should just not tweet. You’re proving to the world what you’re really about…and its not pretty” … “People attack PP because you MURDER babies you dunce”

While there is a small group that is vocally supporting Planned Parenthood, the loudest voices are not.

When “choice” is a watered down word, people may turn a blind eye, but when they hear someone sipping wine, munching food, and talking about how the forceps clamp in the right place to get the right body parts to sell, even people who believe in the right to abortion start to distance themselves from the sickness that is Planned Parenthood.

Instead of cheering her on, most people are saying, “Hey, Cecile, the jig is up.”

[Jul 17, 2015 Susan Michelle, ]