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A college student is suing the local Planned Parenthood and a security guard.

Heenan says he has participated in Saturday sidewalk counseling outside the Planned Parenthood site in DC for 3 years. He is represented in the civil lawsuit by the American Center for Law & Justice.

Henderson said his client was serving as a sidewalk counselor last May when he was “attacked from behind and thrown to the ground on a public sidewalk for no other reason than seeking to offer his message of hope and help to women approaching the Planned Parenthood facility.”

Heenan says the incident was witnessed by several police officers who refused his request to press charges against the security guard.

No police report was made.

Heenan is seeking a trial by jury and compensatory/punitive damages. The suit also requests that the court protect his constitutional rights and bar the defendants from any future physical contact with him.

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