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Planned Parenthood’s Elokin CaPece is on a global mission—to make “sexperts” of students across the mid-south and send them forth to indoctrinate the world.

The University of Memphis campus newspaper, The Daily Helmsman, is hawking “sexpert” training at Planned Parenthood, “offering students the opportunity to become educators and advocates for sexual health and safety on college campuses throughout the MidSouth.”

CaPece, education director for Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region, is quoted in the article: “I hope sexperts becomes a revolution. . . . That we teach you what you need to know about sex and you go and teach the world.”

How do these Planned Parenthood trained “sexperts” see their mission?

“I just want everyone to do what they want as long as they’re safe and to destigmatize the idea that sex is bad or wrong, outside of the context of marriage,” a senior University of Memphis sexpert graduate says.

Her analysis is much more honest and on point than the explanations given by Planned Parenthood.

The article continues:

The culture in the U.S. conveys the negatives of sex to people, emphasizing the risks of unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases and infections that can be contracted through skin-to-skin contact or body fluids.

Many times, sex creates a list of negative consequences and CaPece shares how Planned Parenthood is breaking that barrier.

“Planned Parenthood is a sex-positive place. Sex should be positive and sexuality is a part of everyone no matter how you portray it,” CaPece said.

In February 2009, to reach students from kindergarten through grade 12, CaPeche led in-service training for nurses from 40 Memphis City schools.

The PPGMR website describes that training as “the culmination of years of efforts to reach out to MCS administration and the first step in developing a collaborative partnership that will ultimately benefit Memphis’s 110,000 city school students.”

The website goes on to describe how easy it was to transition to teaching the school counselors and finally the students, once the abortion- and sex-peddling mammoth had its foot in the door.

“The in-service training of Memphis City School nurses was followed by a productive group of sessions with Memphis City School counselors.

“During the week of March 9-13, 2009, PPGMR health educators met with 270 Memphis City School counselors. Those training sessions led counselors to ask PPGMR to make presentations to students at their schools.”

Planned Parenthood has once again scouted, opened, and sailed down the slippery slope that leads directly to the object of its desire—children.

Unfortunately, this is not a unique situation.

All across the nation, Planned Parenthood is pulling out all the stops to get into schools so it can cozy up to our children.

It is willing to work for years to build relationships that will allow it an opportunity to get its gruesome foot in the door in order to corrupt and profit from our children.

Planned Parenthood has a huge financial interest in sexually active students. It makes millions off of sexually active students. On the other hand, it makes nothing off of sexually abstinent students.

Planned Parenthood should never be allowed on a school campus. It is there to bolster its financial bottom line and push a political agenda that enables and ensures its existence.

To discover more about sex classes in your child’s school, read “Is Planned Parenthood in your school? How to find sex ed funding streams and the programs you must fight.”

Then read Jim Sedlak’s Parent Power!! to find how to get Planned Parenthood out and keep it out of your schools.

[5 Mar 2014, WSR]
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