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Planned Parenthood’s December 2015 Report

In the past year, Planned Parenthood’s health services for women SPIRALED DOWNWARD by 11% in one year.

Private support for the abortion monster PLUNGED by $38.3 million.

PP significantly INCREASED its facilities that commit medication abortions in a desperate attempt to stabilize its abortion numbers.

But our government INCREASED funding for PP by ANOTHER $25.3 million.

In a press release issued yesterday, ALL’s Stop Planned Parenthood (STOPP) program reported that the number of patients at PP centers dropped to the lowest annual number reported by PP since 1998.

Most important, however, is STOPP’s unique effectiveness in forcing the closing of PP facilities.

ALL Vice President Jim Sedlak states: “What this Planned Parenthood Annual Report shows is that, despite the inaction on taxpayer funding at the federal level, the foes of Planned Parenthood are having a significant effect on PP by closing down clinics all across the country. STOPP will continue to work with local people to peacefully and prayerfully cause such discontent with Planned Parenthood at the grassroots level that it will have no choice but to close its doors forever.”

As a result, the number of abortions committed by PP has declined to the lowest since 2007.

Support the EFFECTIVE, GRASSROOTS, LOCAL efforts of STOPP and ALL that isolate individual PP facilities and overwhelm them with local opposition.

[29 Dec 2015, ALL email,]