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The PP president went on TV and declared Rep. Mike Pence’s amendment to defund Planned Parenthood would cost women basic health access — she specifically mentioned “mammograms.”

So Live Action called different Planned Parenthood centers across the country asking for mammograms.

Twenty-seven clinics later, not one was able to provide a mammogram and had to direct the caller somewhere else.

Our favorite part: one employee in Memphis suggested (not sarcastically) she could try Christ Community Service.

This is what those in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood have pointed out all along — there are several places available where women can get access to health care without going to an organization that takes taxpayer money and funds abortion with it.

It’s a testament to Live Action that they can always manage to remain one step ahead of Planned Parenthood and can reinvent their investigations to keep the organization on its heels.

Planned Parenthood, after having been exposed countless times through Live Action videos, finally alerted the authorities during the last sting. But Live Action refuses to be intimidated.

You can also learn more about Planned Parenthood’s ties to the eugenics movement and its use of taxpayer funds in this in-depth Townhall Magazine piece.
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