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Trying to stem the tide of bad publicity in the wake of last week’s revelations, Planned Parenthood launched a twitter campaign, #StandwithPP.

Planned Parenthood highlighted “Linda N.’s”story with the headline “Read Linda’s story about donating fetal tissue for research after her abortion.”

But Linda N.’s full story reveals that she did not have an abortion.

A routine prenatal sonogram determined that her son had died in her womb, and Linda and her husband agreed to donate his remains to study the genetic anomaly that caused his death.

Apparently Planned Parenthood is so morally stunted that it can’t see the difference between donating human remains following a tragic but unavoidable death and trafficking in the organs and tissues of babies its own doctors deliberately killed.

This grotesque moral equivalence is like lumping together organ donation following a motorcycle accident with the Nazis extracting gold teeth from the corpses of Jews gassed at Auschwitz.

PP is not backing down in the wake of revelations it harvests and sells the parts of aborted children that StemExpress and its other procurement company partners order.

It is redoubling its efforts to gain public acceptance of its practices by openly offering the country a deal with the devil.

The invitation to the public is to come and feed at the trough of PP’s slaughter—to accept and celebrate the alleged advances medical science will achieve through experimentation on aborted children.

At the same time, it is whispering to women that they can redeem an abortion by donating the bodies of their children to “save lives.”

Deborah Nucatola, the Planned Parenthood abortionist featured in the undercover video, said that many women bring up the subject of donation themselves; they walk into the clinics with the twisted idea that they can “bring some good” out of their abortion.

According to PP and its lackeys in the press, since abortion is legal, there is no reason to treat the human remains of the recently-living human being with reverence and dignity.

As Nucatola put it, “At the end of the day, it is all just sitting there. It’s all just going to be wasted otherwise. That’s what it is, it’s a waste. It’s a complete and total waste.”

Unless Planned Parenthood and its collaborators are stopped, abortion and its byproducts will become [even more] so enmeshed in the medical and pharmaceutical industries that we may all become unwitting and unwilling beneficiaries of this barbaric practice.

[This has been going on for many years. Only now do we have unrefutable, documented proof. If we don’t stop this, not only will our nation be held accountable, but EACH OF US will be held accountable, for knowing and failing to act…]

[20 July 2015, Life Legal Defense Fund,]