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You have likely seen the videos exposing Planned Parenthood for selling fetal tissue and organs.

How could anyone in their right mind defend these actions?

Some have tried to calm the public by arguing that it is not illegal as long as the payments are for “processing and transportation costs.”

Others have tried to brush the issue aside by attributing the real problem to our “squeamishness” over the issue.

However, the real answer to how anyone could defend this. It is simple – to defend the sexual revolution.

[Americans have come to rely on abortion to preserve their ‘right’ to sexual freedom.]

Eric Metaxas, author and radio host, has composed an explanation of how America has come to rely on abortion to preserve the “right” to sexual freedom. In other words, in our hook-up culture, Americans have come to rely on abortion when contraception fails.

It is sad, but true. This mentality has led to our nation treating human beings as commodities.

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