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Far from reducing the number of abortions, contraception to some extent finds in abortion a natural unfolding.

Given that the contraceptive mentality is in fact close to the abortive mentality, large-scale use of contraception in the developed nations has contributed to the routine use of abortion.

Scientific research today is oriented towards the development of increasingly “effective” contraceptive techniques to prevent conception and [to prevent] the continuation of pregnancy, with increasingly less risk to the woman, resulting in increasingly abortifacient contraception.

This is a further demonstration of the close link, not only cultural but also scientific, between the use of contraception and the demand for abortion.

To avoid uttering the word “abortion”, people talk about the pharmacological “prevention” of implantation, “interception” or “contragestion”.

It is also asserted that the embryo is not an embryo as long as it is not implanted in the lining of the uterus, but simply a “pre-embryo”, a mass of cells which does not call for any particular respect.

However, a play on words cannot change the reality of the facts.

[Those] who, verbally or in writing, endorse the use of contraception, must know that, in so doing, they are endorsing all the abortions thereby caused and to be caused, which will amount to millions of individuals.

[Jacques Suaudeau,]