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Where can people get more information about potential donors and transplant centers?
The National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP), a federally funded nonprofit organization, was created to improve the effectiveness of the search for donors. The NMDP maintains an international registry of volunteers willing to be donors for all sources of blood stem cells used in transplantation: bone marrow, peripheral blood, and umbilical cord blood.
The NMDP Web site contains a list of participating transplant centers at
on the Internet. The list includes descriptions of the centers as well as their transplant experience, survival statistics, research interests, pretransplant costs, and contact information.
Organization: National Marrow Donor Program
Address: Suite 500
3001 Broadway Street, NE.
Minneapolis, MN 55413–1753
Telephone 612–627–5800
1–800–627–7692 (1–800–MARROW–2)
1–888–999–6743 (Office of Patient Advocacy)
E-mail: Available through the Web site
Internet Web site: 


Where can people get more information about clinical trials of BMT (Bone Marrow Transplants) and PBSCT (Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplants)?
Clinical trials that include BMT and PBSCT are a treatment option for some patients. Information about ongoing clinical trials is available from NCI’s Cancer Information Service (see below), or from the NCI’s Web site at on the Internet.