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Pro-Abort Women Lament Dearth of Vocal Pro-Abort Men
Newsweek featured a conversation among liberal feminists about the future of the abortion movement.  Surprising to me was a recurring lament about the shortage of outspoken pro-abort men. 

How schizophrenic. How hypocritical.

What, now that they're losing the abortion battle they admit they can't handle it on their own?

They need men's help, seriously? 

Over 37 years ago feminists outlawed giving fathers any say whatsoever when aborting children they may want while forcing fathers to financially support children they may not want – and feminists are now calling on men to help uphold the status quo

Feminists are demanding that male pro-life legislators butt out because they have no ovaries while demanding that male pro-abort legislators intervene – on what grounds?

Feminists decry male pro-life activists outside abortion mills but ignore that most abortionists inside the mills are men…

Pro-lifer G.N. commented on my blog:
    Pro-choice men have been effectively neutered by the feminists. Now that they've created an army of lap dogs, they decide that they really want attack dogs.

    It's easier being a pro-life male. We get to be and act like men ought. And we get great women who aren't at war with their own nature, which means they aren't at war with the men who complement that nature and whose nature is complemented by women's.

One other reason pro-abort men may have trouble taking initiative. It must feel pretty slimy to grandstand killing one's own progeny.

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