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CFAM announced that it has obtained internal memos from the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) detailing the strategy to develop international pro-abortion laws that can be imposed and enforced throughout the world — ultimately government financed abortion on demand worldwide.

“The memos appear to confirm long-standing fears of some legal scholars that international negotiations on human rights laws are no longer conducted in good faith, and that national sovereignty is jeopardized by such negotiations” [Douglas Sylvia of CFAM].

Austin Ruse, President of CFAM said that while the strategy disclosed in the document is “nothing new” to his organization, it is a “smoking gun” belying the tactics pro-abortion groups have denied for years — tactics that he called “primarily deception.”

Most of their work is getting governments to accept language that will change meanings later,” said Ruse . “For instance, they like the phrase ‘reproductive health’ instead of ‘abortion’ — if they used ‘abortion’ they’d likely lose. When it comes to enforcement, that term can be used to refer to abortion.”