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A television campaign aimed at helping women find practical help and solutions is getting proven results.

It has helped reduce the number of abortions and prompted thousands of women in cities across the nation to head to a crisis pregnancy center for assistance.

VirtueMedia, an Arizona based nonprofit, is the brainchild of media veteran Tom Peterson.

The group launched a major television campaign in eight cities during Fall 2005 and January 2006.

The ads, run in cities such as Indianapolis, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, feature women from a variety of backgrounds discussing their fears about an unplanned pregnancy.

The ads direct women to the 1-800-395-HELP phone number [now 1-800-712-HELP], which connects the caller to Option Line, a telephone counseling service run by Care Net and Heartbeat International.

The counselors direct callers to local crisis pregnancy centers. A $20,000 campaign in Atlanta generated 2,646 calls to the toll-free phone number from pregnant women needing help.

Atlanta Care Center, a Care Net affiliate, assisted some of the nearly 3,000 women responding to the campaign.

“The majority of clients who visited our office found us by calling the number on the TV commercial,” center director Jason Phillips explains. “Most of these women were abortion- vulnerable prior to the visit.”

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