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Forced Abortion in America



 64% involve coercion ●

up to 83% are not wanted by the women pressed to have them

84% were not given enough information to make an informed choice

"I don't know why they call it a choice." –Denise

It was never really about "choice," was it?

Most abortions are unwanted. After decades of deceptive counseling, non-support and coercive tactics … it's clear that women are not the ones making the "choice."

Consider these real life examples:

  •  the physician who leaned across his mahogany desk and snapped, "It's not a baby!!
  •  the boss who said he'd push his employee down the stairs if she didn't abort
  •  the pastor who assured the young woman's family that abortion was okay
  •  the school counselor who said, "Someday, you'll look back on this and laugh"
  •  the nurse who said, "This is no time for questions!"

At, you will discover the stories of women who were lied to by experts or pushed, and even forced, into a "choice" they didn't want.

Abortion cannot honestly be equated with "choice"!

Abortion is actually the UnChoice. … Unwanted. Unsafe. Unfair.

Do you realize how much the abortion industry fears this message?
The UnChoice ad campaign exposes the truth of abortion's unparalleled harm to the very women abortionists said it would help.
It uses the heartfelt voices of real people, backed with the hard-hitting impact of the latest peer-reviewed medical research.

UnChoice ads expose well-guarded secrets: that abortion is not safe … it is destructive. 

Abortion is the nexus for deception, coercion, abuse or repeat molestation, and post-abortion grief, injury and suicide.

We must awaken Americans to the lies, the injustice, and the crisis of coerced or forced abortion and post-abortion grief which lead to a 7-fold increased risk of suicide.

With compassion for both babies and women we must open the door to healing for 60 million women and men impacted by abortion

Most Americans don't realize how many women feel betrayed by non-support, coercion or disinformation … or just how painful and dangerous "safe legal abortion" has turned out to be.

Just think about how many women were told that it wasn't a baby or that they didn't have a choice:

— A shocking 67% of women report receiving no counseling at all

79% were not told that there were places they could go for help

— 84% were not given enough information to make an informed choice.

That's just a sample of the treatment women get from abortion "experts." Instead of the support they had hoped for  -from family, friends or even employers-  women who resist abortion have faced intense, even violent pressure.

The UnChoice campaign spotlights the injustice of non-choices like these …

* the man who put his fist through the wall and yelled, "Get rid of it. NOW!"

* the community leader who contacted his physician friend to do the abortion, then ordered his daughter to "shut up" when she protested

* the mother who took her daughter to an abortion site at gunpoint

* the maternity retailer who fired pregnant employees

* the parents who locked their daughter in her room until it was time for her unwanted abortion

* the husband who beat his pregnant wife until she agreed to have the abortion.

[Visit for more information about violence/homicides by those who promote and pressure for abortion.]

Abortion is "a woman's choice"? Hardly!

For most, it's an unwanted nightmare, with serious effects on physical and mental health, including a 7 times higher suicide rate.

The UnChoice campaign exposes the deception of "choice," and shows that many mothers have paid a high price for decades
of disinformation. 

One mother describes her "incredible horror" when she saw her own aborted baby and realized with "agony and terror" that it was not just some tissue, as they'd said.

"My doctor, the abortionist, the staff…all liars! Surely they could see what I saw."

The "blob of tissue" deception has been exposed by better awareness of fetal development.  Nearly 80% of Americans now understand that abortion takes a human life.

Abortion is a NOT simply a "choice" that "helps women."

This is the abortion industry's last leg to stand on!
By exposing this lie we will:

— save babies in immediate danger of being aborted,

— save mothers living in quiet despair or contemplating suicide,

— free millions of women, men and families to find healing and warn others of abortion's harm to everyone involved.

The UnChoice campaign, with quick-reference fact sheets and booklets, will help activists to raise awareness about "the other lie."

Visit to look at the ads. Our fact sheets and resource materials, most of which are free, include nearly 100 ready-to-use resources.

We must expose the secret that most abortions are actually unwanted &/or coerced, sometimes violently … and that – directly or indirectly – abortion is hurting even those it was supposed to help.

Millions of Americans –including pro-lifers– need to hear that:

1)   an unwanted, uninformed, misinformed, coerced or forced choice is not a choice, and …

2)   denying women support while pushing a painful, unsafe and traumatic ordeal is an equally unacceptable "UnChoice."

Americans need to hear that

abortion is really the UnChoice: Unwanted. Unsafe. Unfair. 

The words of one woman who survived the trauma of abortion reminds us of just how much is at stake … and just how much we have to gain:

"Thank you so much for doing this advertising campaign. I truly wish this had been around when I had my abortions many years ago. I am just sitting here crying thinking … if only … It may be too late for me but I know with all my heart you will reach many, many women. This is so necessary and life saving."

By exposing the truth about abortion, you can help to save lives and bring healing to the women, men and families scarred by past abortions.

["How Can They Call It A Choice?" — Elliot Institute's Campaign Exposes the Lie,;; 1-888-412-2676] 

Victims and Victors: Speaking Out About Their Pregnancies, Abortions, and Children Resulting from Sexual Assault.