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Most women have no idea how an abortion is performed, or what an abortion actually does to their body.  Here are some FAQs which are answered by Dr. Maria M., and OB-GYN.

Women planning to abort their babies often ask at least some of these questions…

Often, when they hear the answers, they change their minds.

Q. It’s better to abort early, right? so it won’t be as well developed or as human yet? 
A. Abortion, during any time of the life of the new child — whether a fetus or newborn — is never right. It is the same, unique, unrepeatable human being no matter what the age.

Q. Is it really a blob?
A. No, it’s a baby. Once the egg and sperm have met, conception has occurred and this conception makes a baby, albeit a very tiny one.

Q. At 9 weeks, is the baby formed?
A. Yes, you can see its little hands and feet, its head shape and its little heart beating.

Q. How Much Does an Abortion Cost?
A. Monetarily speaking, it costs about $350 to $450.  However, some abortion centers charge an additional $100 for every week after 12 weeks which can bring the cost up to $1,000. The reality is that abortion costs one human life, with possible damage to your own physical and/or emotional well-being.

Q.Will you refer me to a place that does abortions?
A. No. I took an oath to “Do No Harm”. My duty is to heal, not destroy.

Q. Will the Abortion be Painful?
A. During the procedure, one pays for “light” or “heavy” sedation which may dull the pain. However, one could still feel cramping during and after the procedure.  These cramps can be much stronger than those found with a woman’s normal menstrual cycle. Medical studies continue to be published regarding the pain endured by the unborn “young one”, the human fetus, possibly as early as 8 weeks after conception.

Q. How far along am I?
A. You are carrying your unborn child, just as your mother carried you.

Q. Do you offer RU 486, the abortion pill, or the Morning After Pill [MAP, Emergency “Contraception”, EC]?
A. I do not offer the abortion pill because it’s only mechanism is to cause an early abortion. I do not offer the morning after pill because it is possible that it functions by causing an early abortion. My motto is that if I must err, I try to err on the side of LIFE, not death.

Q. I had a difficult pregnancy/ labor before due to (name the health problem), so I need to have an abortion.
A. Very rarely is abortion the best solution, even in these situations.

Q. Does abortion increase my risk of breast cancer? 
A. The majority of studies do indeed show a significant relationship between abortion and breast cancer, especially if the woman’s first pregnancy is aborted.

Q. Will I regret my abortion later on?
A. I have heard many women say they regret their abortions. Many women who have experienced abortion are joining two campaigns: Women Deserve Better and Silent No More. You may want to visit and to read why. On the other hand, I have never heard a woman say she regretted giving birth to her baby…

Q. What are my choices?
A. You can abort your baby. Abortion is forever. Or you can give birth to your baby so he or she will have the gift of life, which your mother gave to you. You can raise your baby yourself, with your family or you may decide to marry the father and do your best to give your child a healthy and secure future. Or you may choose to place your baby for adoption. There are many couples waiting to adopt. Sometimes, this is a good solution for you and for your baby, because it offers both of you a new start.