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In Alabama, there are at least 140 hospice groups. With this many, when you consider all hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities, it must be difficult to find enough well-qualified medical personnel.
It is also extremely difficult for the state health department to inspect this many hospice groups.
Another concern is that, because of the nature of hospices, that they become a "get rich quick" business, with an eye to the income rather than quality health care for the patient.
The average daily hospice rate is $107.00. Only 30 patients could gross over $1 million per year.

Since no meals or housing are provided by hospices, there are few expenditures.
Check the link at ADPH — — or in your own state for information about hospice groups
Consider the social services offered by the hospice.
Check with your state health department to determine if any adverse actions have been taken against a hospice group.
Find out in how many counties in your state is the hospice located, and if they are adequately staffed to provide the care needed in every county.

Determine how experienced their doctors are in caring for terminally ill patients. Palliative care is quite different for the terminally ill as compared to care for others.
Ask for a list of references and contact them.