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Raising the Behavior Bar III

The Add Health study overwhelmingly confirms the foundational principle of ABSTINENCE-ONLY Education while placing in serious question the tenants of the 'comprehensive' sex education ideology.

This study fully vindicates Congress, who in great wisdom, authorized funding for the Abstinence-Only message [1996].

This study places a great burden on various health department officials (state and national) who are  subverting the clear intent of Congress to promote abstinence until marriage.

This study, more importantly, goes a long way to resolving the debate over the type of sexuality education most appropriate for the health of young Americans.

This study provides strong evidence that the rise of privately funded Abstinence-Only programs is greatly responsible for the statistical decreases since 1990 of teen sexual activity, teen pregnancy, and teen abortion.

There is no doubt that the Add Health study should be a serious blow to the 'comprehensive' sex philosophy that has its roots in the 'free sex' revolution of the 1960s.


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