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… As a former student at a medical college, I’ve taken the Hippocratic Oath in order to participate in clinicals. Because of this, I know there is a “first do no harm” clause. …

[I]t is that doctor’s job to ‘first do no harm.’ NOT saving the life of a patient is first doing harm, and that’s

against the oath.

Where I always get into trouble with my “politically correct” friends is in cases of rape.

Yes, I am aware that the woman lost her choice in this situation. Most women know someone who has been a victim of sexual assault, (I’m one who personally knows a sexual assault victim), so I’m not devoid of feelings here.

However, I don’t believe killing the baby is going to make the rape victim feel any better.

Let me cut to the chase here… if we can’t kill the rapist, why can we kill the baby? The baby is innocent. The rapist is a soulless loser who is going to get out of jail in 5 years, and in many cases will repeat the act.

If I’m violently attacked, raped, and end up pregnant, killing my unborn child isn’t going to make me feel any less raped and isn’t going to bring me to peace. If my rapist was getting the death penalty… I’d at least feel safer.

I’m not saying rapists should get the death penalty. …
What I AM saying is, that being pro-life, except in the instance of rape, is one of the most illogical “exceptions” to a rule I’ve ever heard.

It’s like saying “This guy has been convicted to serve a sentence of ten years in jail for murdering your brother, but we’re going put his innocent daughter in the electric chair. Feel better?”

Obviously that’s not going to make anyone feel better. In fact, I’d feel guilty for the innocent victim getting the death penalty.

I think an innocent baby is about the only positive, pure thing that can come from such a terrible situation.

Is it ideal? Of course not. But whether that baby goes to a different home or stays with it’s mother, it is as innocent as the victim.

Critical thinking skills, America…let’s use them.

[LifeNews Note: Sara Johnson writes for Misfit Politics, where this opinion column originally appeared. ]