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Last Thursday the Susan B. Anthony List joined with National Right to Life Committee and FRC Action to present Real Women’s Voices, a training conference for pro-life women activists from across the country.

And there is no doubt it made a difference.

When asked if she would recommend Real Women’s Voices to friends, one activist said, “Absolutely! It can make a difference in one’s way of thinking.”

From dealing with the media to discussing the abortion issue, attendees learned the practical skills necessary to make a difference for Life in their home communities.

The activists also witnessed inspirational words from Congress’ dedicated and courageous Pro-Life leaders: Senator Sam Brownback (KS-Sen), Rep. Mike Ferguson (NJ-07), Rep. Virginia Foxx (NC-05), and Rep. Jean Schmidt (OH-02).

After a day of intensive training, activists headed off to lobbying meetings with their legislators, where they discussed the Equal Rights Amendment and the importance of adding language to make the amendment neutral on the abortion issue.

At the end of the day, women activists were inspired to make a difference for the unborn.

One participant said, “When I came in this morning, I had no interest in political office. By the end of the day, I was saying, I have to run for something.”

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