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Recent Adult Stem Cell Research Educational Campaign —

With the never-ending battles over abortion and health care, the pro-life community may be lulled into forgetting that other fights exist on the bioethics front. To keep those concerns at the forefront, the Family Research Council is launching a new adult stem cell research educational campaign.

"It's no longer a dream," FRC tells "Now there's living proof that adult stem cell treatments are creating medical miracles for cancer, blood diseases, immune disorders, and heart damage."

Last November 2009, FRC gave the public and pro-life advocates in the Kansas City area a chance to meet patients who are living miracles through its new Adult Stem Cells Saved My Life campaign.

The event took place at noon at the Shawnee Town Hall in Shawnee, Kansas.

The choice of Kansas City as the location of the launch of the new campaign is not an arbitrary one. It has become ground zero in the embryonic stem cell research and human cloning battles.

"The Kansas City metropolitan area has become one of the strategic centers in the Midwest for the life sciences, including Adult Stem Cell and cord blood research and treatments," FRC notes. "Between St. Luke's Hospital, Children's Mercy Hospital, and the University of Kansas Medical Center, these pioneering treatment centers have treated over 1,500 patients with adult stem cells."

It is also the location of the Stowers research institute, where scientists are destroying human beings at their earliest stages for embryonic research that has never passed significant hurdles in animals to even be tried in human patients.

Missouri was also the location of an epic state ballot battle over the problematic bioethics practices and voters there very narrowly sided with anti-life forces.

But it is adult stem cells that FRC says are providing real hope for patients.

"Adult Stem Cells are now saving lives and offering hope to patients with Brain Cancer, Breast Cancer, Leukemias, Lymphomas, Heart Damage, Juvenile Diabetes, Spinal Cord Injury, Sickle Cell Anemia, Multiple Sclerosis, and dozens of other diseases," FRC told

"Hear first hand how these breakthrough treatments are changing and saving lives," FRC continues.

"The event marks the official launch of, an educational web site which celebrates the success stories of Adult Stem Cell research."

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