Men & Abortion

Reclaiming Fatherhood

 Reclaiming Fatherhood:

A Multi-faceted Examination of Men Dealing with Abortion 

The impact of an abortion experience on men is unrecognized by many. Men are hidden partners in every abortion decision.

Approximately 40 – 50 million abortions have occurred in the U.S. alone since abortion was legalized here. Worldwide the estimates are that more than 43 million abortions occur in a year.

In every abortion decision there is a male involved in some way.

The man’s role or lack of role in the decision can create a stream of consequences that may accompany the man through the rest of his life.

Because men are told they have no say in the abortion decision–that it is about a woman and her choice–they later struggle with the questions they pose to themselves and the emotions they feel.

Men often say "I don't feel entitled to my grief. It was her choice. Why do I feel so badly?"

More men are recognizing that abortion was a life changing event for them.

The difficulty for the man who wants to process the experience, is that there are few resources available to him.

Mental health professionals have not recognized that an abortion loss may be a significant event in the life of a man.

Addiction counselors, grief facilitators and clergy may not recognize the unresolved grief of an abortion experience that may have occurred many years ago.

We are not sensitized to the ways that a hidden loss may play itself out in the lives of those who experience it. [excerpted from]