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Obama Administration Call 'With Both Sides' to Reduce Abortions Compared to Hitler's Peace Conference
Peace! Peace! But there is no Peace

Commentary by Brian Johnston, Western Director for National Right to Life Committee

Last Friday, three Obama staffers held a conference call ‘with both sides’ of the abortion debate; the supposed goal – reduce the number of abortions.

There is something just a little odd here. The first question one must ask is well, “Why?” “Why would one want to reduce the number of abortions? What is wrong with abortion that there should be fewer of them?”

Readers of this blog, and most other Americans intuitively know the answer to that. Each abortion kills a vulnerable human being. But why merely ‘reduce’ the total number?

Remember, these are not accidental deaths. These aren’t traffic deaths. These are government sponsored, and in many states (like California), government financed, intentional killing. The Obama Administration is publicly admitting there is something wrong with these; because there is something wrong, it is “reaching out.” But is it?

While there were both pro and anti-abortion groups on the conference call, the supposed ‘peacemakers’ from the President’s “team” were each former abortion advocacy leaders – one from NOW, one from EMILY’s list, and the third a pro-abortion political operative. These were Mr. Obama’s ‘peace’ representatives.

Mr. Obama has not only filled his administration with the most radical representatives of the abortion lobby, he has pledged to support the FOCA which would prohibit any restrictions on abortion. But he calls for peace.

For a little perspective, how should we react if those who similarly oversaw other government sponsored, intentional killing (remember, not accidental) of innocent human beings did the same?

Let’s say the managers and apparats of Death Camps like Treblinka, let’s say they suggested peace with those who opposed them. They established a meeting, a phone call, and for bringing the numbers of deaths down a little, reducing the percentages a bit, that’s a “common ground.” They are being “balanced.” They are “peacemakers.” That’s acceptable, right? So leave them alone. They mean well. History would love them, right?

The naivete of some who actually think mere words are reality.. and then intentionally ignore reality, it is the naivete that has let evil prosper.

Obama seeks ‘a middle-ground’? Obama wants to ‘reduce abortion’? Because he said so? Because there was a phone call?

Adolf Hitler famously advocated for, and then even held, a “Peace Conference” in Munich. Unconvinced were those who watched what he was actually doing and would not be beguiled by his words (as many Germans had been).

Chamberlain called it a success: “PEACE IN OUR TIME!”

But Hitler had never even veered from his deliberate and intentional plan for killing and war on the grandest scale.

As it was in those days, phoning in a peace conference was certainly good PR for what everyone sees to be the intentional killing of the innocent.

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April 6, 2009 (]



Real Alternatives: Obama Should Back Pregnancy Centers to Truly Reduce Abortions
by Maria Vitale
I am now fortunate to live in a state where offering alternatives to abortion is a matter of public policy.

Pennsylvania is home to Real Alternatives, the ground-breaking program that reimburses participating pregnancy resource centers for their life-affirming work with clients. Real Alternatives knows the bad rap that pregnancy resource centers have unfortunately received.

On the Real Alternatives web site at, the subject of deceptive and manipulative practices is forthrightly addressed.

More than 150,000 women have received support services from Real Alternatives. Real Alternatives has now become a model for the nation and a number of other states are attempting to duplicate its success.

With the economic downturn placing a particular strain on pregnant women and their families, pregnancy resource centers are more important than ever in providing a safety net to some of our most vulnerable citizens.

That’s a story the media should be telling—the story of a government program that really works, that is empowering women to make good decisions for themselves and their families every day.

If President Barack Obama truly wants to reduce abortions in this country, he'll become a cheerleader for Real Alternatives and other programs like it… [7Apr09, #4583,]