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People regularly send poetry to express their feelings about abortion and the gift of life. Here is one such poem…


The Thoughts of the Unborn
Pain is so real and it's easy to see
It all happens to you and me

I know we are born to die
But at such a young age I don't understand why

I was so young and didn't understand
God would allow a change that I had not planned

I had no control over when I would go
But this I know I love you so

I live in your heart I am happy to say
Always there no matter what you think or pray

I love you and you want to love me
That's the way it should be

You weren't perfect I know quite well
God gave us each other I am happy to tell

Our hearts are melted together and its easy to see why
Our love will never die

For you are special to me
And always will be

Thank you God for giving to me
An opportunity for life you see

Mom and dad please don't be too sad
You can learn from your mistakes for which I am glad

And if another child should come your way
Do what is right is all I can say

You didn't steal eternity from me
For I am a creation of God you see

No one is righteous before our dear Savior
Our thoughts are wrong including our behavior

Because of everything we do or say
That only leaves us with one option—to pray

Dear God because I am guilty of not doing right
I ask you to save me today or tonight

Only Jesus can save me from my sin
I think of the unborn and wish I had let life begin

I am crushed and heart broken
No comfort to my soul has ever been spoken

The blood of Jesus is all that can cleans me
I want to do right and please God within me

All wrongs have equal weight on God's judgment scale
Even stealing a pencil can send us to hell

All of us do wrong and compare ourselves with others

We are not more righteous* than hysterical pregnant mothers 

And if most women-with-child was loved by the child's father
She would smile and happily say "No abortion" why bother

You have hidden or damaged emotions buried in a sea of pain
Release them and you have everything to gain


* Romans 3: 10,12

© 2008 Arthur  OR