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Half of Aborting Women Are Having Repeat Abortions, Study Finds
Experts Say Repeat Abortions Are Often Result of Trauma, Coercion

New statistics published by the pro-abortion Alan Guttmacher Institute indicate that half of women undergoing abortions have had a previous abortion.

The high rate of repeat abortions poses a risk to women since having a repeat abortion increases the likelihood that a woman will have physical or mental health problems afterward, including a higher risk of substance abuse and subsequent preterm birth. Women who have repeat abortions are also more likely to be living in unstable situations, be divorced or be dependent on social services.

Experts say that there are a number of reasons why women might have multiple abortions. One reason is traumatic reenactment, a symptom related to post-traumatic stress disorder, in which a person continually repeats the trauma in an attempt to resolve it.

The problem may also be compounded by the desire of many women to have a "replacement pregnancy" after an abortion, only to find that the problems and pressures that led to abortion in the first place still exist and they once again see no other alternative. If abuse, pressure or force from others is involved it may be very difficult for her to break away from the abusive cycle.

Repeat Abortions As a Result of Coercion

Repeat abortions are also often facilitated by the fact that abortions are frequently performed without any effort to determine why a woman or girl is aborting, even when there is coercion or abuse involved.

A study of U.S. women who had abortions found that even though 64 percent are pressured to abort and more than half felt rushed or uncertain about about abortion, 67 percent said they didn't receive any counseling before abortion and 84 percent said they didn't receive enough counseling to make an informed decision.

Further, abortions are usually performed without any attempt to screen women or girls for coercion or for factors, including repeat abortions, that put them at risk for psychological problems afterward.

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[Springfield, IL, May 6, 2010]

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