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UPDATE- The U.S. Supreme Court refused to grant Norma McCorvey’s request to review Roe v. Wade on 22Feb05. McCorvey was “Roe” in this 1973 decision that legalized abortion on demand in the USA.
These are remarks by Congressman Trent Franks of Arizona concerning the possible reversing or reopening of Roe v. Wade.

… “While we do not know what the Court will ultimately do, it is important to remind ourselves of the grave devastation the decision in Roe v. Wade has brought to bear on individual families and this nation.

Each time an abortion takes place, a nameless little baby dies a tragic and lonely death, a mother is never the same, and all the gifts that child might have brought to humanity are lost forever. The basis for this appeal is that abortion – in fact – hurts women.

That is, contrary to the rationale in Roe v. Wade and after more than 30 years of reflection and experience, abortion is not the “burden relieving” act in a woman’s life that it was portrayed to be; it is not good and safe for women. Nor can we forget the loss of over 40 million American lives since January 22, 1973. It is astonishing to think about its many implications.

We would not be discussing a Social Security crisis or shortage in our military force numbers if Roe v. Wade had been decided differently. It is time for all of us to come together and care for mothers and their unborn children enough to find a better answer than abortion.
We must recognize that imposing abortion on demand on America was one of the darkest disgraces ever to come from the Court. It taints us all in our tolerance of it, and it is an inhumanity that cannot stand. Roe v. Wade was a lawless decision that found a “right” not stated within the Constitution, involved the Court’s exercise of a legislative power, violated the judicial oath of “administering justice without respect to persons,” and denied the unalienable right to life of the unborn.

Roe v. Wade was repugnant to a state’s highest duty, that is, the duty to protect innocent human life. The women who have suffered from the tragic repercussions of abortion deserve to have this case overturned.

Abortion does not serve to protect women; it deceives them in one of the most insidious ways possible. It says, “Choose me and you will have a much easier way ahead.” When, in reality, the depths of despair have not yet been dreamed of until after a mother has walked down the desolate road of hiring another to take the life of her child. …

I ask and plead with the Court to reconsider the case – take in the evidence so hurtfully gained – and reverse this devastating plague in our land.

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