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The NEA is the parent organization for state education labor unions.

“In 2005 the NEA gave $51,000 to the liberal People for the American Way. The nation’s largest teachers union also gave $15,000 to the Human Rights Campaign, a gay-activist group, and The National Women’s Law Center, a pro-abortion feminist group which currently has a petition opposing the nomination of Samuel Alito featured on its Web site, received $5,000.”

One teacher in California lamented the fact that her forced dues were being used to fund organizations and agendas in conflict with her beliefs.

“I feel that it’s a violation of my own ethics, and I’m forced to give them my money. I feel really unhappy about it.”

There is some good news though — according to Martha Daniels: “There is a groundswell today among America’s teachers, who are leaving traditional teacher labor unions, such as the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers, to join nonunion professional associations. This exodus from teacher labor unions has the numbers to back up the claim as more than 265,000 teachers have left the unions to join independent nonunion professional associations.”

[posted 1Feb06,; 26Jan06,]