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Scientists Advance Destructive Research Despite Adult Stem Cell Success — Despite the fact that embryonic stem cell research offers little chance of success, researchers around the world are apparently prepared to gamble on it, according to a survey conducted by the Boston Globe newspaper. The newspaper found that 128 lines of human embryonic stem cells have been created since August 9, 2001. That’s the day that new cell lines became ineligible for federal research money in the United States. President George W. Bush put the ban in place in an effort to stem the tide of scientific research which results in the destruction of human embryos — unborn children in their earliest stages of life. Of the new embryonic stem cell lines, 94 were created abroad while 34 were created in the U.S. As a result of the Bush Administration’s policy, the new cell lines cannot be used by American laboratories that receive federal funding. However, U.S. researchers are free to use the cell lines if they raise private money and build separate laboratories for the experiments.
[, 27May04]