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SCOTUS Gives a Nod to Substandard Care for Women: Commentary

In 2011 alone, abortion related complications affected 26,500 women and over 3000 women needed hospitalization; but the abortion industry has opposed Common sense health standards at every level in every State in America, and on June 27th 2016 the abortion industry received the highest court in the land’s approval to continue to operate on unsuspecting women in the usual substandard and sometimes deadly fashion.

According to a report just released by Family Research Council, “the U.S. Supreme Court announced its 5-3 decision in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, striking down Texas’ H.B. 2 commonsense regulation and enforcement of basic health standards in abortion facilities. The Texas law required that abortion facilities be held to the same standard as surgical centers and that abortionists must have admitting privileges at a local hospital not further than thirty miles from the abortion facility.”

Cincinnati Right to Life points out that “The Court’s decision affects states beyond Texas, including Ohio, as currently 29 states prescribe health and safety standards for abortion facilities, and 15 states require abortionists to maintain admitting privileges with a local hospital or a written patient transfer agreement with a doctor with such privileges to ensure knowledgeable care should an emergency occur”

“The Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt decision is yet another example of the mess that our country is in, a mess that will only be overcome when we fall on our knees and ask for God’s forgiveness for allowing this slaughter to continue on our watch. For at least a decade many in the prolife movement have placed their trust in the courts as they have tried to regulate abortion out of existence. This strategy has to change. The deciding vote in this latest Supreme Court decision was made by a Republican appointed judge, Justice Anthony Kennedy. This decision is a clarion call to all of us in the prolife/pro-family movements to think outside the box as we regroup after this devastating blow to men, women and children. The ‘same ol’ same ol’ will get us more of the same failed results.”

In a recent comment Attorney Gualberto Garcia Jones, Vice President of Personhood Alliance notes “This decision officially spells the end of the strategy of chipping away at Roe. I think it also stands as a solid rebuke to those who tried to fight absolute evil with a compromise of principle and half measures. Abortion was never about women’s health, it is bloody murder. I think yesterday’s decision was not a blow to the pro-life movement at all. It should be a great gift, a wake-up call to stop the fantasy that the abhorrent evil of abortion will somehow be rooted out by appealing to the mad executioner’s sense of justice.”

These are sobering words, but ones that need to be heard. All too often we hear the prolife leadership say that they need to temper the message so as to keep the troops “encouraged” and “positive”. Unfortunately this strategy has failed to help the grassroots to face the reality of what is ahead. No matter who is elected up or down the ticket in November, we have a “focus” problem on our hands within the movement. When a national leader within the prolife movement states publically (as was recently the case) that the most important challenge facing us today is to pass a 20 week abortion ban, then we know that we are in trouble. According to Wikipedia only 1.4% of all abortions are performed after 20 weeks. What about the other 98.6%?

Furthermore, the 20 week abortion ban legislation that was written and submitted by our prolife leadership, and which the leadership considers to be the most important effort to end abortion, has institutionalized the idea of “classes” of pre-born children where a litmus test is applied on “how you were conceived”. If you were conceived through rape or incest – sorry, you fail the test – you have to go elsewhere to get protection for your Right To Life. Your little body will be offered up on the altar of prolife compromise!

We might want to throw up our hands and cover our eyes at this latest SCOTUS decision but let’s face the facts. It is a Republican, Regan appointed Supreme Court Justice who has just pushed us over the cliff into hell. There is no “encouraging” or “positive” way to spin that. Sorry, but the whole mantra about “elections have consequences” so we must vote for the establishment in order to get “good” Supreme Court justices has just been blown asunder. The deafening silence on this latest disastrous court decision, of the presumptuous GOP presidential candidate, Donald Trump, does not bode well for the child in the womb!

Justice Kennedy broke ranks over 20 years ago with his Casey decision, a decision that should have heralded in a new path of action for the prolife movement. Gualberto Garcia Jones makes a very good point in his commentary when he says “The fight at the Supreme Court should have been abandoned 15 years ago after Casey, just like the fight against slavery was abandoned after Dred Scott in 1857…. We have a clear path ahead of us now. End abortion absolutely by a constitutional amendment, or be complicity with it…. Let’s get to work.”

It is time to stop with the failed policy of relying on politicians and the courts. It is time for “we the people” to insist on a Human Life Amendment and unite the whole movement behind ENDING abortion.

[29 June 2016, Cleveland Right to Life, Inc. email]