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After Democrats blocked a bill to defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business [see below], Senate Republicans have expanded their investigation of the abortion company for its role in selling the body parts of babies victimized by abortions.

Sen. Charles Grassley, a pro-life Iowa Republican who is a prominent committee chairman, announced that he is expanding the Congressional investigation into Planned Parenthood by requesting information from private companies involved in fetal organ procurement that obtain the body parts of aborted babies from Planned Parenthood.

Grassley had previously requested information from Planned Parenthood related to allegations in the undercover videos that the abortion giant was illegally profiting from the sale of aborted baby remains…

He has also made inquiries to the three companies noted in the videos as acquiring fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood.

StemExpress, Advanced Bioscience Resources, and Novogenix were asked to provide the committee with information about items such as communications, contracts, revenue and costs associated with their involvement with Planned Parenthood and its affiliates.

Additionally, on Friday, Grassley requested from the Center for Medical Progress all videos and documents related to its fetal tissue investigation that may lawfully be provided to the committee.

The fifth undercover video in the controversy over Planned Parenthood’s sale of aborted baby parts shows the Director of Research for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, Melissa Farrell, advertising the Texas Planned Parenthood branch’s track record of fetal tissue sales, including its ability to deliver fully intact aborted babies…

A total of 12 states have already launched an investigation including South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Massachusetts, Kansas, Missouri, Arizona, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, Texas and Louisiana and members of Congress have launched an investigation as well.

[5 Aug 2015, Ertelt, ]


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