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Plan B – Now They Want NO Restrictions…

IL Pharmacies Required to Post Signs to Push Morning After Pill Sales

'08 Presidential Contender Allen Under Fire for Owning Plan B Stock

Note: Plan B, Morning After Pill, Emergency Contraception mean, in general terms, the same thing.

PLAN B – NOW THEY WANT NO RESTRICTIONS…Bush approved Plan B-OTC on 21August06, & FDA approved OTC status for Plan B as of 23August2006, & already the Plan B advocates are pushing to remove ALL restrictions. Right now, the morning after pill is a prescription-only drug for teen girls under 18. Barr chairman Bruce Downey told the New York Times that the morning after pills would also be sold in licensed sites in addition to pharmacies, meaning that agencies such as Planned Parenthood abortion businesses will sell the pills. Downey indicated that acting FDA commissioner Andrew Von Eschenbach assured him in a telephone call that the FDA was committed to solving the stalemate that has had the agency hold up the approve process for three years. [ 10 Aug06]

Plan B backers vow to fight ANY age restrictions. Allowing girls under 18 to buy the morning-after pill without seeing a doctor would reduce teen pregnancies [although all studies contradict this], argue advocates pushing the government to expand a new ruling on the emergency contraception. []

OTC: Just the beginning. [ed. This is quoted verbatim]
“Let's take a look at this in light of other activities at Planned Parenthood. We know that Margaret Sanger’s plan for access to abortion began with contraception.

"However, what may be surprising to realize is that Planned Parenthood’s plan for unrestricted, non-prescription, access to birth control begins with so called ‘emergency contraception.’ On August 24 Planned Parenthood Federation of America posted an article on its web site that praised the Columbia-Willamette affiliate (PPCW) for ‘revolutionizing birth control access, and inspiring health care providers across the country to do the same’ by providing EC online, starting in 2002. The reason this is so interesting is that the day this article was posted on its web site was also the day that the FDA approved the over-the-counter distribution of Plan B for women 18 and older. The explanation of the second goal of its 25 year plan Planned Parenthood says that it will ‘push the edge for universal access to birth control’.

"PP’s role in pushing the FDA to approve the over-the-counter access of Plan B is just another aspect of this same push. The web article states: ‘Starting with emergency contraception (EC) and moving on to other birth control pills, patches and rings, a wide range of contraception options are now available to women.’ It is evident that Planned Parenthood is using ‘emergency contraception’ to pave the way for unrestricted and widespread access to all forms of contraception. We must be on guard for the impending fight against Planned Parenthood’s push for over-the-counter access for every kind of contraceptive pill and device…

"With the decision on Plan B, the FDA has unleashed an attack on children in the womb that may dwarf the murders cause by surgical abortion. Many pro-life groups have concentrated their efforts on stopping surgical abortions and have avoided getting involved in the killing of babies in the womb by so-called contraceptive products. With the FDA action, everyone in the pro-life movement should realize that the time has now come to address all the babies killed in the womb by the culture of death.” [Wed. STOPP Report, 30Aug06] As an insightful friend noted: Tells you what these people are all about: abortions any time, any where, for any reason, for no reason, and apparently at any age without parental [or physician] notification or involvement.

ILLINOIS PHARMACIES REQUIRED TO POST SIGNS TO PUSH MORNING AFTER PILL SALES. Customers can purchase numerous drugs over the counter at pharmacies but a directive from pro-abortion Gov. Blagojevich forces pharmacies to post signs saying women can purchase the morning after pill. The requirement comes on the same day the FDA announced a new deal to sell the drugs over the counter in other states. The rule will go into effect on September 1. The signs will tell women they can buy the morning after pill over the counter at any IL pharmacy, which approved OTC sales ahead of the FDA approval. They will include an email address customers can use to contact state officials and lodge complaints if they are not able to obtain Plan B pills. [ 10 Aug06]

‘08 GOP PRESIDENTIAL CONTENDER GEORGE ALLEN UNDER FIRE FOR OWNING PLAN B STOCK. Virginia Sen. George Allen is being urged to sell the stock. Allen opposes abortion but a spokesman for the Virginia Family Foundation says its wrong and ironic that he owns shares of stock in Barr Laboratories, which makes the Plan B drug. Allen defended his stock holdings in an interview with the Post on 8Aug. He said he has no plans to sell the stock and said voters should focus on his voting record. "Look at the way I vote," he said.

According to the National Right to Life Committee, Allen has a 100 percent pro-life voting record dating back to 2001, his first year in the Senate. He's voted against abortion, euthanasia, and embryonic stem cell research. According to the Post, Allen bought the stock in January 2004 and the value of it is somewhere between $1,000 and $15,000. Previously Allen indicated he supported the company because of its work on the issue of breast cancer. [ 10 Aug06]