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Abstinence is a realistic goal. However, just like any other goal, to achieve it you’ve got to make a game plan.

Abstinence doesn’t just happen, it happens because two people have made a plan and are taking the necessary steps toward achieving their goal. Ron Hutchcraft gives a practical game plan for couples who want to remain abstinent.

In a society that shows sex to be as casual as a handshake, one must make an effort to start realizing how special and important just holding hands can be.

Hutchcraft touches on a few very important, yet often overlooked, steps to remaining abstinent. Perhaps, one of the most overlooked principles by young adults, who profess to want to remain abstinent, is setting up boundaries as they initiate their dating relationship.

Talking about boundaries and deciding upon mutually achievable goals may help save a dating relationship from getting too physical.

Hutchcraft advises, although “…you want to be alone with your date…too much time alone can lead you to do things you’ll regret later. Your relationship will be a lot healthier if you spend time with each other’s families and friends.” Also, individuals must learn to re-sensitize physical contact and displays of affection.

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Abstinence is as practical as any other goal if you set the right guidelines in place to help you achieve it.
Practicing abstinence is like being an Olympic Gold Medalist, hard work, but well worth it in the end.

[28 January 2014, ]