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Definition of Roulette: A game of chance with an uncertain outcome.


Sexual Roulette is chancing “Safe Sex” with an uncertain outcome.

Sexual Roulette decreases “safe sex” odds and increases risks & consequences each time two unmarried partners engage sexually.

Sexual Roulette places the woman at greater odds for the chance of pregnancy, child birth, abortion, adoption.

Sexual Roulette puts at risk…your virginity…your self-respect…your health…your future…your life.

Sexual Roulette’s STD statistics have grown to epidemic proportions since the 1960s

Sexual Roulette spins flashbacks of guilt, regret, depression and broken hearts.

Sexual Roulette is more a game of losers than winners and is not worth chancing today or your future…

Is Sexual Roulette Worth It?

The BEST BET is Risk Elimination… Be A Winner –True Love Waits

 [adapted from Human Life Resource Center, 773-239-6457; IRLC News, Fall 01]