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She Was Determined to Abort Her Baby, But Her Husband Wanted the Baby. Here’s What Happened

Brian E Fisher, from Online for Life, tells the following story:

“The day after Christmas a woman, we’ll call her Sarah, telephoned a local, life-affirming center (a local, community-based organization designed to educate families about pregnancy and options other than abortion). She had already taken two home pregnancy tests – both positive.

“She had decided to abort her baby. After she had a few questions answered, the woman said she was going to call a few other clinics. The center asked permission to follow up with her in a few days, and she agreed.

“Sarah called back the next day on her own, asking if she could come in for an ultrasound. She had called abortion clinics, discovered she couldn’t get an abortion appointment in her own city for a few weeks, and was preparing to go out of state so she could get the procedure done sooner. Because she needed to verify the pregnancy with an ultrasound before the abortion, she agreed to come to the life-affirming center.

“Sarah came in that day with her husband, Paul. The center gave her the ultrasound and talked to her about pregnancy, the child, and her options…

“The couple left. Paul wanted to have the child; Sarah was now unsure if she wanted to abort…

“Several days later, the center called Paul to follow up. Paul was overjoyed to report that Sarah had changed her mind, and they were going to carry and parent their child…

“Here’s the twist: Paul is a policeman. His job is to protect people, even if that means putting himself in harm’s way. Yet he had no legal or cultural authority to protect his own unborn child, whom he desperately wanted to live.

“The moment his child was born, Paul would have legal rights as a father to do everything possible to protect and provide for his child. And his job requires him to do that for complete strangers every day. Yet, though he wanted his child to live, he was helpless to protect the baby while she was growing in her mother’s womb.”

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