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Dr. George Tiller, an abortion provider in Wichita, KS, who performed 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions, was murdered on Sunday, 31 May 09.

APFLI condemns this murder in the strongest terms.

We believe in the sanctity of every human life.

This cold-blooded murder does nothing to establish a life-affirming society, a society which cares for all human life, especially the weakest and most vulnerable.

ANY person who takes ANY human life — before birth or after birth — is NOT a pro-life person, but a person instead ensnared by the culture of death. 

To purposefully destroy any human life at any stage, from fertilization through natural death, is an unnatural and unethical act against all humanity, and thus, should be condemned by every reasonable person.

There are some who would blame pro-life people for the death of George Tiller.

However, the pro-life philosphy has nothing to gain — and everything to lose — by such an unconscionable act.

People of life ALWAYS present as caring and loving nurturers of every human person, who simply cannot — and will not — comprehend the wanton destruction of any human being, at any stage of life.

Unfortunately for our civilization and times, the continued and massive destruction of innocent human life in the womb has promoted and perpetuated the violence which is overtaking our world.

To be "Pro-Life" means to be FOR Life at every stage.

If we have any hope for the future of civilization as we know it, we must all begin to work for the protection of every human life, those already born, and those still in the nurturing wombs of their mothers.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~OTHER STATEMENTS AGAINST THIS VIOLENT MURDER OF GEORGE TILLER

…AAPLOG issued the following statement after the murder of Dr. Gunn in Florida in 1994, and re-issued the same statement after the murder of Dr. Slepian in New York in 1998. We confirm again our condemnation of the murder of Dr. Tiller in Kansas yesterday, The AAPLOG Statement against such violence is found at

The statement was produced in 1994, reaffirmed in 1998, and is again reaffirmed May 31, 2009, in the wake of Dr. Tiller's murder. Statement follows:

June 1, 2009
AAPLOG Statement Against Violence
This statement was originally released in 1994 after the killing of Dr. Gunn in Pensacola, Florida. The American Association of Pro Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists stands by this statement today.
The American Association of Pro Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists strongly condemns the killing of abortion providers. The assailant, though labeled a "pro life activist", acted in complete opposition to what the pro-life movement stands for. Every one of our members abhors violence. In no way can such homicidal acts be sanctioned or condoned. Violence against another human being solves no problem, but instead creates more problems. Violence begets violence.
None of our Pro Life obstetricians and gynecologists condones violence or acts that lead to violence. We do not condone the harassment of women who are about to have abortions. Harassment can lead to confrontations and bodily harm. These actions should be deplored and condemned by all Pro Lifers, but especially by those with leadership roles in the pro-life movement.
The American Association of Pro Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG) was founded in 1973 for the purpose of changing the minds of our opponents through education, dialogue and legislation. As educated individuals, we know that these methods of persuasion are realistically the best viable option we have in our attempts to protect both the mother and her unborn and all human life. Let us utilize these methods with renewed determination and continue to convey to all that human life is a gift from God and must be respected.

AAPLOG Condemns Violence, Again
This statement was released to the press after the shooting of the physician in Buffalo, NY, in 1998.
The American Association of Pro Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists strongly deplores and condemns the recent execution style killing of Dr. Barnett Slepian, an obstetrician and gynecologist who performed abortions. The assailant, whoever he was, sane or insane, acted in complete opposition to what the Pro Life movement stands for.
Every act of anti-abortion terrorism deserves strong condemnation from all Pro Lifers, and especially from leaders in the Pro Life movement.
Our organization of obstetricians and gynecologists was founded to promote the sanctity of all human life.
Every one of our members abhors violence. We are saddened by Dr. Slepian's death. We formed our organization for the purpose of attempting to change the minds of our colleagues who do not share our views. This is done through education, dialogue, and legislation.
As educated individuals we know that these methods of persuasion are realistically the best of the viable options we have to protect all human life from violence.
Let us utilize these rational methods with renewed determination and continue to convey to all who wish to hear us that human life is a gift from God that must be treasured and protected.


David Bereit, National Director of 40 Days for Life,
issued the following statement about the slaying of
George Tiller at a Wichita, Kansas church:

  "As a nationwide organization dedicated to peaceful
   and prayerful solutions to the crisis of abortion,
   40 Days for Life is shocked and dismayed by the
   shooting death of Kansas abortion provider George
   Tiller. Such violence against a fellow human being
   is never justified, and 40 Days for Life condemns
   this senseless act. We encourage people of faith to
   join in prayer for all those affected by this
   unconscionable action."

David Bereit
National Director
40 Days for Life


Recollections of a Taxi Cab Ride with Abortionist George Tiller

 Joe Scheidler, the founder of Pro-Life Action League and longtime pro-life activist, today issued a statement denouncing the slaying of Kansas late-term abortionist George Tiller. Tiller was shot dead Sunday morning as he was serving as an usher at his church.

In condemning the murder Scheidler also recalled a chance encounter he had with the abortionist, in which he shared a taxi-cab ride with him on the way to a pro-abortion conference.

“We deplore the killing of George Tiller on Sunday morning," said Scheidler.

"It has always b

een my philosophy that we convert abortionists. As activists committed to saving lives, we vigorously oppose violence."

Scheidler recalled how he once shared a taxi with Dr. Tiller as both were headed from the airport in New Orleans to the National Abortion Federation Convention.  Scheidler was attending in order to gather information about the pro-abortion movement.

"Tiller apparently recognized me, but did not recall that I was a pro-life activist. He assumed I was another abortionist attending the conference," said Scheidler. "He enthusiastically extolled the value of the ultrasound in performing abortions, and invited me to visit his clinic in Wichita."

The following day Scheidler attended Tiller's presentation on the use of ultrasound. By then the doctor had realized that Scheidler was a pro-life leader, and refused to proceed with his presentation until Scheidler left the room.

"Having sat and talked with George Tiller, I probably feel a little more connection with him than many other pro-lifers might," said Scheidler. "I am adamantly opposed to what he did for a living. But I believe that anyone can come to the truth. Tiller deserved the chance to turn away from the evil of abortion. I cannot condone the taking of his life." [June 1, 2009,]