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Alabama Physicians For Life, Inc. (APFLI) renounces the murder of any abortion provider as an act totally opposed to the Pro-Life Philosophy. While APFLI does not condone the destruction of innocent human life by abortion providers, our organization in the clearest of terms condemns the action of those who kill abortion providers. APFLI does not regard these assassins as Pro-Life. To destroy any human life at any stage is totally contrary to the Pro-Life Philosophy.

APFLI condemns the use of violence by anyone to counteract the violence of abortion. Violence begets violence. To devalue human life in the womb by allowing the violent destruction of preborn human life simply opens the blood-gates of violence elsewhere. Albert Schweitzer M.D. noted, “If a man loses reverence for any part of life, he will lose reverence for all life.” To devalue preborn life leads to the devaluing of all human life.

As physicians, we vow to promote and protect human life, not destroy it – Do No Harm. Our desire is that the tragedy of abortion, which has divided our nation for three decades, should be resolved by peaceful means.

A Pro-Life Proclamation Against Violence

WHEREAS, we live in a society where violence is often portrayed, in the entertainment industry, as the solution to our problems; and

WHEREAS we are frequently faced with people, in all walks of life, who act out this violence in schools, post offices, fast food restaurants and other public venues, and

WHEREAS, there have been a number of recent acts of violence perpetrated against abortion industry personnel; and

WHEREAS, certain individuals and groups have taken the responsib8ility for these acts and claim to be part of the pro-life movement; and

WHEREAS a small number of allegedly pro-life groups have hailed those perpetrating violent acts as heroes; and WHEREAS the media have given inordinate publicity to these allegedly pro-life fringe groups wile ignoring the statements of the established, genuine pro-life organizations and leaders condemning the violence…

We…do hereby issue this Proclamation in order to set the record straight:

WE DECLARE that the deliberated cold-blooded killing of a human being, from fertilization to natural death, is always wrong. This belief is the essence of what it means to be pro-life… Thus we do hereby proclaim that it is the purpose of the pro-life movement to restore full legal protection to all human beings, from fertilization to natural death, using peaceful and prayerful means in the pursuit of that goal.

In furtherance of this purpose, we call on:

  • The entertainment industry to stop the glorification of violence on TV, in the movies, in video games, and elsewhere.
  • The news media to accurately report the total aversion to violence of all the major pro-life groups in this nation.
  • Our elected officials, at all levels of government, to endorse and work for the passage of a Paramount Human Life Amendment to state and federal constitutions that would do nothing more and nothing less than recognize basic human rights inherent to every human being from fertilization to natural death.
  • The abortion industry to stop the violence against helpless children.
  • Every pro-lifer to reject violence and those who commit violent acts.
  • All perpetrators of violence to recognize that, far from being pro-life crusaders, they are nothing more than common criminals.

[this Proclamation is presented by American Life League and can be viewed with the list of endorsers at]