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A story out of Mason, Ohio paints a horrifying picture of just how far Planned Parenthood may be willing to go to attract young abortion clients.
In what prosecutors are calling "one of the worst cases of child abuse" in Warren County, a local man has been sentenced to five years in prison–one for each year he molested and raped his own daughter.
The abuse could have been prevented, or at the very least, cut short, the girl's attorney says, had Planned Parenthood intervened when the young girl reported her dad at the clinic where she was forced to undergo an abortion. Rather than help the hurting child, lawyer Brian Hurley alleges, Planned Parenthood preyed on the girl's vulnerability and refused to intervene as the law requires.
Instead, abortion business workers performed the procedure and sent her back with a supply of birth control where her tormentor continued sexually assaulting her for another year and a half.
In 2006, the girl was so terrified that her dad would also abuse her sister that she shared her story with a high school official, who, unlike Planned Parenthood, contacted police.
Tragically, her situation may not be an isolated one; many others are made possible by the government's funding of Planned Parenthood. Similar allegations have been raised in Indiana and Kansas. In the Sunflower State, former state attorney general Phill Kline has obtained abortion clinic records that appear to show a long trail of criminal neglect.
Hurley thinks stonewalling on such cases will not work, "If we ever do get a look at all the records, it will …show… [Planned Parenthood] set up a system to prevent reporting abuse. Some people roll their eyes when you bring up abortion. Nobody rolls their eyes about abuse." Planned Parenthood officials in Ohio deny they have a "don't ask, don't tell" policy about statutory rape. But read on.
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Recently, another employee of Planned Parenthood was caught on tape encouraging a minor to lie about her age to get an abortion.
When a sophomore at UCLA visited a business posing as a pregnant 15-year-old with a 23-year-old boyfriend, the worker replied to her concerns about being underage by saying, "You could say [you're] 16. Just figure out a birth date that works. And I don't know anything."
The video was posted on YouTube, outraging the CEO of Planned Parenthood's California affiliates, Kathy Kneer. In an interview, Kneer seemed upset not that the employee was giving illegal advice to a minor, but that she was caught. "We believe the individuals behind this are doing this not out of motivation to protect teens, but in fact to discredit Planned Parenthood."
That's where Kneer is wrong. When it comes to discrediting Planned Parenthood, the organization needs no help.
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[FRC, 14May07]
Planned Parenthood: Letting It Lie?
Since our report yesterday about Planned Parenthood's alleged wrongdoing, the organization is using intimidation to silence critics.
In Los Angeles, where a UCLA sophomore–posing as a 15-year-old–secretly videotaped a clinic worker urging her to lie about her age to obtain an abortion, Planned Parenthood has already threatened legal action.
On Monday, the local affiliates sent a "cease-and-desist" letter to the student, Lila Rose, warning her that "surreptitious recordings of employees without consent violate California's privacy laws."
It seems ironic that Planned Parenthood would be quoting the law since the organization appears to have blatantly violated it in refusing to report statutory rape.
Under the California penal code, the clinic's offense carries a much stiffer penalty than that of taping a confidential communication. According to state law, "Any mandated reporter who fails to report an incident of known or reasonably suspected child abuse or neglect … is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by up to six months confinement in a county jail or by a fine of one thousand dollars ($1,000) or by both…"
By Planned Parenthood's own admission, any employees who violate the law are also "subject to losing their license."
PP's top California official, Kathy Kneer, told reporters that "99.9 percent of the time our employees do follow the law."
That's a bold pronouncement for the group which has been implicated in three cases this week alone, including another Ohio case that we lacked the space to detail.
In each instance, taxpayer dollars are helping to keep these Planned Parenthood clinics [sic] humming.
Yesterday, FRC dug a little deeper into Title X funding data to find that both the clinic [sic] that Rose visited in L.A. and the two Ohio clinics [sic]receive government grants.
"Since it's your money, we believe you should have influence on how Uncle Sam spends it. Contact your congressmen and urge them to direct your dollars away from Planned Parenthood and toward organizations that put patients–not profits–first." [FRC, 15May07]
Threatened with legal actio

n after videotaping group's cover-up of statutory rape

A UCLA student threatened with legal action for exposing Planned Parenthood's support of statutory rape appeared on the Fox News Channel's "O'Reilly Factor" 17May07.
As WND reported, 18-year-old Lila Rose posed as a 15-year-old seeking an abortion at a Planned Parenthood center in Santa Monica, Calif. She was equipped with a hidden camera when she met with an employee to discuss her options.
When Rose revealed she was 15 and her boyfriend was 23 the employee informed her Planned Parenthood was legally required to report the statutory rape, a transcript of the conversation shows.
Planned Parenthood: "If you're 15, we have to report it. If you're not, if you're older than that, then we don't need to."
15-year-old: "Okay, but if I just say I'm not 15, then it's different? So I could just say…"
Planned Parenthood: "You could say 16."
15-year-old: "I could say 16?"
Planned Parenthood: "Yes."
15-year-old: "Okay, yeah. So I would just write 16?"
Planned Parenthood: "Well, just figure out a birth date that works. And I don't know anything."
Rose, the editor of The Advocate, a pro-life publication started by UCLA students, received a letter on May 14 from the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood, Mary-Jane Wagle, threatening to take legal action if Rose did not remove a video of the conversation from YouTube and return the original copy to Planned Parenthood.
The letter stated recording without consent of all parties involved violated California's privacy laws under Penal Code 632.
Wagle warned that if Rose did not comply she could be sued for $5,000 or three times more, according to a scanned copy of the letter posted on The Advocate's website.
On Wednesday, Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Ohio, commented on the incident and a similar one involving a teen in Ohio, Cybercast News Service reported.
"As a woman and mother, I am heartbroken when I hear of a young girl being victimized," she said in a statement.
"When these young girls reach out for help from a group that claims to be pro-woman and get none, my feelings turn to outrage," she said. "This is clearly yet another case where young girls, who need our help, are instead being further victimized."
The Texas-based pro-life group Life Dynamics conducted an extensive undercover project in which an adult volunteer posing as a 13-year-old called every Planned Parenthood clinic in the U.S., saying she was pregnant by a 22-year-old boyfriend. Almost without exception, the clinics advised her to obtain an abortion without her parents' knowledge and told her how to protect her boyfriend, who would be guilty in any state of statutory rape. [May 17, 2007,]
Connecticut Becomes Latest State With Abortion-Statutory Rape Coverup
Connecticut is the latest state to experience a case of abortions covering up statutory rape and again brings into question why abortion facilities are not contacting authorities about the actions. In this Northeastern state, a 22 year-old man has been charged with getting his then 14 year-old girlfriend pregnant.
Kevon W., who was 21 at the time, got the unnamed girl pregnant three times in six months and the girl wound up having three abortions as a result.
However, abortion businesses failed to report the statutory rape to authorities and officials only began investigating Walker's actions when the victim's mother contacted them.
Walker moved from New York to Connecticut to be with the teenager last spring after the two met while she was on a shopping trip in New York. According to an AP report, Walker didn't want the girl to have the abortions but her mother apparently forced her to have them. Walker, who is free on a $50,000 bond and is forbidden from contacting the teenager, has told authorities that he's in love with the girl and knows that his sexual relationship with her was wrong. He is expected in court again on May 31.
Several states, including Kansas and Ohio, have been seeing problems of abortions on teenagers too young to consent to a sexual relationship. Last week, a suburban Cincinnati Planned Parenthood was sued by a teenage girl who accuses it of covering up her sexual victimization by her father.
Under Ohio law, doctors, nurses, teachers and other professionals are required to report alleged sexual abuse to authorities and the teen says that didn't happen in her abortion case.
Abortion business officials told the Associated Press they hadn't seen the lawsuit yet and couldn't comment on it but added that someone at the facility would have contacted authorities after learning of any possible sexual abuse.
In February, a Kansas pro-life group filed a complaint with the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts alleging that Kansas City abortion practitioner Sherman Zaremski failed to report the rape of an 11-year old girl that resulted in a pregnancy.
Confirmation has been received that the case has been assigned to an investigator on the sta

te panel.

Zaremski did an abortion on the young girl in Wichita at the now closed Central Women's Services abortion business.
After the abortion, Zaremski allegedly allowed the girl to return to her stepfather, Robert Estrada, who sexually abused the young girl and her sister over several years. The abuse resulted in four pregnancies, according to the group and the young girl in question later gave birth to twins on her 12th birthday.
That came after former state attorney general investigated late-term Wichita abortion practitioner George Tiller for allegedly doing abortions on young girls who had obviously been victims of statutory rape. [15May07, Ertelt, New Haven, CT,]
Video link:
[Pro-Life E-News, By Nathan Burchfiel, Staff Writer, May 15, 2007]
Planned Parenthood Threatens to Sue Undercover Activist.
Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles is threatening to sue a student pro-life activist who recorded an abortion clinic employee encouraging her to lie about her age to avoid being reported as a victim of statutory rape.
Lila Rose, an 18-year-old sophomore at the University of California Los
Angeles, is the founder of a pro-life magazine on campus. In March, she
entered a Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles (PPLA) clinic, posing as a
pregnant 15-year-old and said her boyfriend was 23 years old.
A girl in that position would be considered a victim of statutory rape
because she was under 16, and California law requires clinics [sic] such as Planned Parenthood to report cases of statutory rape. In hidden camera video of the encounter, a PPLA employee tells Rose
_Clip.wmv> that she could "figure out a birth date that works" to avoid
having PPLA notify police.
Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California President Kathy Kneer criticized the undercover investigation as "manipulative," but admitted that the PPLA employee had violated the organization's policy to follow all applicable laws.
Following news of the undercover operation, Kneer said the organization had reminded all of its employees of the law and its own policies.
On Monday, PPLA sent a cease-and-desist letter to Rose, warning her that "surreptitious" recordings of PPLA employees without consent violates
California privacy laws.
California law prohibits recording "intentionally and without the consent of
all parties to a confidential communication." Violating the prohibition
could mean a $2,500 fine, plus civil penalties of $5,000 or more.
In the letter
< obtained by Cybercast News Service, PPLA president Mary Jane Wagle demands that Rose stop the undercover investigations, remove existing clips from online video sharing site YouTube, and turn the original tapes and all copies over to Planned Parenthood.
"If you do not agree to take these three steps, PPLA will seek all
appropriate legal remedies," Wagle wrote.
Cybercast News Service obtained a copy of the video and audio before the cease-and-desist letter went into effect and has preserved it for our
readers' benefit. (Click here
_Long.wmv> for the full video — a large file that may take time to load.
As produced by Rose, the video features clips of a song by rapper Ludacris and singer Mary J. Blige called "Runaway.")
David French, an attorney with the Christian legal group Alliance Defense
Fund, accused Planned Parenthood of "engaging in a campaign…to bully an 18-year-old to distract attention from the fact that their employees were engaging in unlawful behavior."
French, who is serving as Rose's legal adviser, said, "Nothing changes the
truth of what's contained in those videotapes. Planned Parenthood was
advocating that a patient lie, advocating a way around mandatory reporting requirements for statutory rape, and nothing that Planned Parenthood does as far as trying to bully her regarding the tapes themselves can change those facts."
Regardless of Planned

Parenthood's activity in the clinic [sic], French said his client hopes to avoid the court. "She's going to comply with the bulk of their demands on it regarding the videotapes themselves, so I would hope that Planned Parenthood would not pursue any further action against her," he said.

Kneer told Cybercast News Service Monday that the cease-and-desist letter was meant "to protect the privacy of our patients and our employees and maintaining and complying with California laws, all of the laws, is important to us, and we think Lila needs to be more respectful of California laws."
She reiterated that Planned Parenthood has reminded its employees of
California law regarding mandatory reporting of statutory rape and said that Lila's case is rare.
"We essentially believe that in 99.9 percent of the time, our employees do
follow the laws," Kneer said, adding that "attacks" from "anti-choice
extremists" have led to national audits of abortion providers.
"A thorough audit was done across the country and essentially came to the conclusion that providers are complying with state laws and there are no violations," Kneer said.
She said she couldn't comment on what happened to the employee in Rose's tape, but she did say that a clinician who breaks the law is "subject to losing their license. That's a personal issue for each employee, and as the employer, we want to make sure our clinicians know how to comply with the law and at the same time, make sure that patients can trust us."
"Nothing we can say will most likely change Lila's views," Kneer said, "but
I can tell you every day the American public trusts Planned Parenthood and that's because one in four individuals has been to a Planned Parenthood in their lifetime and they know the quality of healthcare we provide to our patients."
'Hundreds' caught on tape
In 2002, an activist group called Life Dynamics ran a campaign in which a
woman posing as a 13-year old impregnated by a 22-year-old and called
clinics operated by Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation.
The group has compiled tapes <> of workers encouraging girls to lie about their age to avoid being reported as a victim.
The group claims to have collected "over 800 tape recordings that show how Planned Parenthood and NAF workers secure business from victims of statutory rape by undermining parental authority, encouraging children to lie and promising minors that their employees will ignore mandatory reporting laws."
"[T]ell them your boyfriend is 16 or something because he could get in a lot of trouble," one employee in Alaska told the caller. A worker in North
Carolina told the caller, "I wouldn't advise you to say anything about your
boyfriend being 22, because that's statutory rape."
Life Dynamics founder Mark Crutcher told Cybercast News Service that telling girls to lie about their age is standard practice for abortion businesses because "there's lots of money in this."
He said the fact that Planned Parenthood threatened to sue Rose is a sign that the organization is interested in continuing the practice rather than reforming.
If they were interested in using this as the opportunity to educate their people then that would be their thrust and how the girl got the tapes would be somewhat irrelevant," he said.
Crutcher said his organization has never heard a response from Planned
Parenthood or the National Abortion Federation. It has never faced legal
challenges, he said, because the calls were placed from Texas, which
requires only that one participant in the conversation consent to having it
[15May07, Pro-Life E-news #715]
August 6, 2007
Planned Parenthood: Aiding and Abetting Kidnappers?

Another cover-up by a Planned Parenthood abortion business spells more trouble for the organization's track record on sexual abuse cases.
Last week, police in Connecticut confirmed that employees of Planned Parenthood performed an abortion on a 15-year-old girl who was a victim of statutory rape without reporting the incident to state authorities.
According to the report, the girl wouldn't name a father to clinic workers, but a paternity test on the baby's remains concluded that 41-year-old Adam Gault was responsible.
This is the latest in a long line of accusations that Planned Parenthood has performed abortions on victims of sexual abuse with little or no regard for the situation of the frightened young girls before them. Connecticut, in its wisdom, has no law requiring parental involvement in abortion. This fact clearly aided Gault in his criminal assault.
None of this excuses Planned Parenthood's lack of curiosity about the victim they ought to have detected and rescued from this predator.
Connecticut Planned Parenthood Did Abortion in Sexual Abuse Coverup [; FRC, 6Aug07]