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Planned Parenthood Federation of America has increased funding [from $199,761 in 2002 to $849,769 in 2003] for a marketing campaign to legalize abortion in Latin America with plans to maintain this level through 2009.

IPPF’s western hemisphere region (WHR) plans to promote legalization of abortion and the promotion of EC in Latin America [source: from IPPF documents]:

“In the past, the principal IPPF/WHR strategy to reduce unsafe abortion was to increase access to contraception…


…It has become clear that this alone is not sufficient and that access to safe abortion is indispensable to the prevention of unsafe abortion.”

[ Friday Fax weekly report NEW YORK, 27Sept04] 

For an example of this strategy to promote legal abortion by preventing “unsafe” abortion, read on:

KMA’S POSITION ON MATERNAL DEATHS FROM UNSAFE ABORTION: PREAMBLE — Kenya Medical Assn (KMA) Governing Council met 5Nov04 after a 2-day workshop on “Maternal Deaths & Unsafe Abortion from Principal Witnesses”. KMA observations:

• Unsafe abortion kills women in their numbers: More than 2,000 Kenyan women die each year because of unsafe abortion.

• Recognize that death from unsafe abortion is a form of violence against women and is a form of social injustice.  

• Recognize the high and increasing maternal mortality and morbidity due to unsafe abortion, which is mainly a problem of the poor and young women.  

• Recognize the economic burden of unsafe abortion and the duality of community morality with people preaching one thing and practicing another.   

• Recognize the lack of public education on reproductive and sexual health, access to contraceptives and economic empowerment of women.  

• The National Governing Council noted with concern that the existing law governing abortion is archaic, having been adopted from the statutes in force in England on August 12, 1897 and which have since 1967 been repealed in the country of origin and replaced by the Abortion Act, is harmful to women as well as ineffective. The National Governing Council recognizes the fact that the Gov’t of Kenya has signed and ratified but ignored to implement all the international conventions, declarations and charters on Reproductive Health (RH) and Rights. 

• The Kenyan restrictive law on abortion, as it stands now, is killing women. 

• Unsafe abortion is PREVENTABLE.

[For and on behalf of the KMA National Governing Council., Dr. Stephen Ochiel Hon. National Chairman, 8th November 2004]