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More students are coming forward saying they were denied the right to free expression when their schools prohibited them from wearing pro-life t-shirts with the message “Abortion Kills Kids” on 26Apr05.

The shirts were part of a national pro-life shirt day sponsored by Rock for Life.

In Des Moines, Iowa, Roosevelt High School students say their First Amendment rights were violated when school officials told them to remove the shirts. Sisters Brittany and Tamera Chandler said they were threatened with suspension if they wore the shirts.

[, 30Apr05]

NATIONAL PRO-LIFE T-SHIRT DAY was a smashing success.

The pro-life message was out in force, especially at public high schools where sex ed is taught and teen pregnancy is the consequence.

Thousands upon thousands of shirts were worn on 26Apr, stirring up countless conversations, changing hearts and minds to the truth.

Next year’s T-shirt day will be 25April 2006; please help publicize!