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It is stunning to note that in Alabama, a full 58% of all abortions occurring are procured by Black women (2011, ADPH).

Blacks, who make up 31% of the total AL population have 58% of all the abortions in Alabama…

There are at least 4 female abortionists in Alabama, 3 of whom are Black (there are at least 2 part-time Black male abortionists).

There are also several Black Legislators in Alabama, some of whom are women, who vigorously oppose any pro-life legislation in the state to protect the unborn child.

It is unconscionable that these educated Black professionals are responsible for most of the 5000-6000 abortions of Black children every year in Alabama, because Black Legislators will not work to protect them!

The USA has a huge problem with preterm birth which especially affects Black women… very interesting, since there are 127 worldwide published studies showing the strong relationship between abortion and preterm birth.

In Alabama, Non-Hispanic Blacks are 46% more likely to have preterm births than whites – they also abort at 3 TIMES the rate of whites…

Does anyone see a pattern here? 

It seems fairly obvious — even common sense! — that forcing the cervix to open with metal equipment during an abortion may cause damage to the cervix so that in future pregnancies, the cervix will not be as strong as it should, and the weight of the growing baby in the womb will cause the cervical muscle to 'give way', and lead to preterm labor & birth…


In conclusion, 2 simple steps will DRAMATICALLY DECREASE PRETERM BIRTHS:

1) For elective births, let the baby begin the labor/birth process, normally at 40 weeks — it's Worth the Weight to Wait!!

2) Avoid Abortion to avoid compromising the cervix … this will protect against unplanned preterm labor and preterm birth in future pregnancies.