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Suicide Attempts Associated with Induced Abortion (BMJ,1997; UMES,1986)

These are older studies, but that is exactly why they are being added: to show that abortion research has been going on — and ignored — for decades…


One of the best kept secrets in the abortion industry is the significant increase in suicide in the one year following the abortion. 

In MN, teens attempted suicide rate was 10 times higher than their control peers in the 6 months after an abortion. 

Below is a synopsis of the 2 articles showing this information:

Reference:  Garfinkle, B.,  et. al., "Stress, Depression, and Suicide:  A study of  Adolescents in Minnesota"  (Minneapolis: Univ Minnesota Extension Service, 1986):

Teens are generally at a higher risk for both suicide and abortion.  In a survey of teenaged girls, researchers at U of MN found that the rate of attempted suicide in the six months prior to the study increased 10 fold  –  from 0.4% for girls who had not aborted to 4% for teens who had aborted in the previous six months.

Reference:  Morgan, C., et. al., "Mental health may deteriorate as a direct effect of induced abortion," letter section,  Brit. Med. Journal 314:902, 22 Mar 97:

Researchers at South Glomorgan Health Authority in Great Britain found that after abortions, there were 8.9 suicide attempts per 1000, compared to 1.9 suicide attempts per 1000 among those who gave birth, a RR of 4.5.