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Abortion, Birth Control Pill Linked to Breast Cancer, surgeon says

Angela Lanfranchi, a clinical assistant professor of surgery at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in New Jersey and president of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute labeled hormonal contraceptives “a Group 1 carcinogen” [WHO report] and said that “breasts are different after an induced abortion because they’ve grown and there are more places for the cancer to start.” She said the same thing happens in premature delivery.

In contrast, she said, a full-term pregnancy offers protection against the disease because the mother’s mammary glands have fully matured into cells capable of producing milk and most resistant to carcinogens.

Having children in the early twenties or as a teenager also decreases the breast cancer risk.

Among the other strategies for lowering breast cancer are limiting alcohol, exercising, not smoking, maintaining a normal body weight, breast-feeding your children, avoiding induced abortions, avoiding premature deliveries, and reducing exposure to estrogen.

Lanfranchi advocates natural family planning rather than birth control pills, patches or injections, which are steroidal.

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