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5th District Court of Appeals upholds deed restriction that prevents PP from running abortion mill at Oak Commons Medical Court.

Planned Parenthood suffered a stunning loss when the Fifth District Court of Appeals for the State of Florida upheld a trial court ruling that prohibited the abortion giant from running a baby-killing mill at its office in Kissimmee. Life Legal Defense Foundation was backing the neighbor who sued to enforce a restrictive covenant at the site. The case is listed as Planned Parenthood v. MMB Properties.

“Planned Parenthood followed its usual pattern when slithering into the Oak Commons Medical Court,” said Mary Riley, Communications Director for Life Legal. “It concealed its true purpose and decided that it didn’t have to abide by the agreement that governed properties at Oak Commons. It has no one except itself to blame for the frustration of its child-murder plans.”

As the appellate court noted, “Planned Parenthood was aware of the restrictions and proceeded forward at its own peril.”

Planned Parenthood purchased and occupied the property in Kissimmee, in April of last year. When it became clear that the office was going to become an abortion mill, a cardiologist who also had an office at Oak Commons sued to enforce the restrictive covenant that forbade “outpatient surgical centers” at the site.

The trial court found for the cardiologist and his medical office and issued a temporary injunction against surgical procedures. But Planned Parenthood, intent as always on its primary purpose of killing babies, sued to challenge that decision. Incredibly, considering the facts, the appeals court issued a stay on September 24, permitting Planned Parenthood to go ahead with its abortion plans.

Today’s decision by the Fifth District Court restores the temporary injunction. For now, Planned Parenthood won’t be running one of its abortion mills at Oak Commons.

Planned Parenthood’s activities at Oak Commons reflect a strategy operating nationwide. Aware that child-killing remains controversial, and that abortion facilities are undesirable neighbors, Planned Parenthood establishes its businesses by stealth:

In Aurora, Illinois, Planned Parenthood began construction of a giant abortion mill under the fictitious name “Gemini Office Development” – or “GOD” – so locals would think the new building housed clerical offices.

In Denver, Colorado, Planned Parenthood’s contractor falsely listed United Airlines as property owner where he was building another abortion “clinic.”
And, in South San Francisco, Planned Parenthood did a secret end-run around zoning laws with the help of a local politician who profited by renting his property to the Planned Parenthood.

“This morning’s victory in the Oak Commons case is a solid rebuke to Planned Parenthood’s deceptive strategy,” said Riley. “Nevertheless, we expect them to continue to follow this pattern. They really don’t have any choice. We intend to fight them wherever they sneak in. Keeping Planned Parenthood out saves children’s lives.”
[DAYTONA BEACH, Fla., May 22, 2015,]