Baby Claire Was Saved From Abortion Because Her Mother Changed Her Mind

I was recently searching online for an encouraging pro-life story. I stumbled upon a YouTube channel called “Facing Life Head On” — The story I watched, “A Miraculous Reversal,” brought tears to my eyes — It is the story of a mother named Jamie who was addicted to drugs, struggling to survive. Jamie had a daughter named Vanessa, but since she was unable to care for her, Vanessa lived with her grandparents. Through a series of events, Jamie’s parents let her move back in with them and Vanessa. Jamie was beyond grateful for another chance to be with her daughter, but Jamie was 20 weeks pregnant. Jamie’s family decided that since she was in the early stages of drug recovery, and unstable, abortion was the only option. Thankfully, Jamie’s neighbor, Marina, who worked at a pregnancy care center, discovered her intentions. Marina knew Jamie wanted her child, but felt she had no other choice. When Jamie went in for her abortion appointment, Marina headed to the abortion business to talk to her. She was able to reach Jamie’s father, who was sitting in the parking lot. Jamie had already gone in to start the two day late-term abortion procedure… Read remainder of the story at: [20 Aug 2015, or see video only at —