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After Abstinence Presentations, teens are often asked to write their anonymous comments about the course. Here are just a few of the comments received in one Abstinence Education program (1999-2001):

[liked best] "That I can wait till I’m married to have sex."

"I like knowing that people care about teenagers enough to encourage them to practice abstinence." [10th grade girl]

"I would like for this class to be an everyday class so we’ll not go the wrong path." [9th grade girl]

"Thank you for understanding what us girls are going through!…a Big THANKS!"

[high school male] "Well, I thought I knew it all about sex, but now I see that I don’t! It [course] was awesome!"

"That you wanted to help us." [7th grade girl]

"I liked this course; it explained sex to me a lot better than those ‘Teen People’ books."

"I would not change anything because this class is wonderful!"

"I liked the class the way it is, especially without the boys."

"I loved this course. I believe that it can really open eyes. Thank you for caring enough to show us."

"Make the classes last longer than just 6 weeks. They flew by!"

"I’m feeling really very good!"

"I really enjoyed it! (In the start, I did not think I would)"

"I think this was a great program! It was interesting. I can’t wait till somebody comes back!" [7th grade girl]

"I think that this is a really good class to be in and we should try to get more people involved."

"Y’all went over everything to help me abstain from sex! Thanks."

"I think we need to know more about abortion and adoption. After all, these are the options that girls have to make if you get pregnant before marriage."

"I liked everything about the course because students have a better understanding of what teen sex and outside of marriage sex can do to you."

When asked what to change, one girl wrote, ""The boys sex rate" and the same girl would add "The boys love rate".

[8th grade boys:] "I wouldn’t change anything because it taught me to abstain from sex, drugs, etc."

"I would change the way my friends act."

[Another 8th grade boy] "Make it longer [the course], because it went by too fast and we still have questions."

"I would add that the program be all year!" [9th grade girl]

"I wish we would have this course more often." [10th grade]

"It explains a lot of important issues that you need to think about before deciding to have sex." [10th grade girl]

SY 2000-2001

[7th Grade Boys] "I think this course was very help[ful] to some people especially me because I had already decided to remain abstinent but it still had an effect on me. I liked everything about this course."

[abstinence helps grades] "Because I will not have to worry about anyone but myself in school."

"Because I can be more focused."

"I liked the stuff that can save my life. I did not dislike anything."

[abstinence] "makes me feel better."

"I wasn’t abstaining from sex. I have had it 2 times and now I feel that I should NOT have sex till I am married or more matured."

"It [course] gave me many good reasons to abstain from sex."

"I liked it because it is a good program for schools."

[7th Grade Girls:] [with abstinence] "you are positive about yourself."

[with abstinence] "you can think easier if you’re not having to worry about a kid or STDs."

[with abstinence] "you won’t be hurting anyone or yourself."

[with abstinence] "you will have a better future."

"Because if you have sex it messes up your mind."

"Because I could start getting into trouble if I have sex."

"I like all of it [course] because it helped me learn about how valuable your self-is. It’s a great course."

"You have better self-worth when you abstain."

"It has made me think about a lot of things."

"Now I have faith in myself to strive on."

[would add] "More teachers, parents, etc. to get involved."

"I liked learning to abstain."

"It [the course] told the truth."

"I liked that we learned how to say ‘no’".

"I liked the course because it gave me more reasons to say ‘no’".

"I know now how to keep focused on my future goals."

"Thank you" / [liked that] "They care."

"This course is really good because it helps teens."

[8th Grade Boys:] "I like the program because it helped me realize what I have to do."

[8th Grade Girls:] [abstinence helps grades because] "it would keep your mind on track."

[abstinence helps grades] "because you have more time to study if you don’t sleep around".

"I feel good… I will not have sex until I am married and out of school!"

"I think you should start this class in the 5th grade, cause it’s too late for some of us." [ed. There is a real need to discuss Secondary Virginity & molestation in abstinence classes]

"It changed my mind."

[abstinence] "Because I’m worth the wait. And it helps me better."

"I will NOT have sex before I am married. I am a better person that way."

[10th Graders:] [with abstinence] "you can achieve most of your goals."

[abstinence helps grades because] "I will be of sound mind & body. I’ll be a healthy teenager without any worries."

"By having sex I could bring something about that could ruin my plans for life."

"I liked the course. I believed and practiced the things the course taught."

"I liked that it taught about how to say ‘no’."

"I liked learning about pregnancy, STDs, and being faithful to my spouse."

[would change] "That I was already being sexually active."

[same girl– abstinence would help grades because] "you don’t think of the guys and think how bad they hurt you after you slept with them."



Students' Comments from other Abstinence Programs

"You have touched my heart with your stories and have changed the way I feel about sex…Thank you!"

"My plan has been to stay abstinent…but you inspired me even more… I want my wedding night to be special and it will be!"

"I plan to totally wipe out everything I've ever done and restart my virginity. I will be very proud of myself once I have…Thanks very much."