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In our "throw-away" society, where to so many people, human life has lost its intrinsic value, a teen has stabbed her Newborn Child 135 times…

The violence of abortion begets violence…

Bail set at $1 million for teen accused of baby murder.  A 17-year-old stabbed her newborn baby 135 times and disposed of her body in a garbage can outside her home in Oakdale. The girl was charged with first-degree murder. The charge carries a maximum sentence of life in prison. She was being held in a juvenile detention facility.

Johnson noted that the state's safe harbor law allows mothers to leave infants at any hospital within 72 hours of birth with no legal consequences.

"She could have walked away and the baby would have been adopted by a family that wanted it. Instead she destroys two lives: her own and the baby's," he said. [AP,]


Where It Can Lead — There Is A Path

"There is a path that seems right to a man, but it's end is destruction."

The path we stepped upon when abortion became legal is not stopping with abortion. Newsweek [12/6/96] reported that FBI statistics indicated 207 children younger than a week were murdered in 1994. That is a 92 percent increase since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in 1973.
Here are some examples:
Iowa. The body of a newborn baby girl was found in a campground. She had died of exposure. The 12-year-old mother was not charged. [Did anyone investigate this for incest or statutory rape?]

New York. A janitor found the body of a new-born in a movie theater restroom. The infant had died of asphyxiation.

Delaware. Amy Grosberg and Brian Petersen killed their newborn son and put him in a garbage dumpster.

Chicago. A 20-year-old mother is charged with killing her newborn daughter and hiding the girl's body in a trash bag.

Kansas. A 19-year-old somthered her baby moments after giving birth. She kept the child's body in her bedroom for two days before burying her in a hand-dug grave.

Maryland. A mother is charged with throwing her newborn baby from a second-story motel balcony. The baby survived the fall in good condition.

Virginia. Veronica Via was sentenced to 20 years in prison for beating her infant child to death. She believed her newborn daughter would be better off dead than growing up poor and fatherless.

Minnesota. A mother distraught over her infant son's birth defect, shot the baby in the head and then killed her husband and herself.

Abortion, partial-birth abortion, infanticide, child abuse — when will we make the connection?
[Winter, 1997]