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Just teenagers? Think again!

Anyone can make a difference.

Tess and Sydney Volanski are two average high school students, but their love for the Lord and preborn children sets them apart.

These sisters are leading a nationwide effort which is successfully exposing injustice.

Their story is very personal.

Tess and Sydney were loyal Girl Scouts who had earned their Bronze Award and were steadily progressing through the program.

They shared the goal of achieving the Gold Award, which is comparable to the coveted Eagle Scout distinction in Boy Scouts.

But when the Volanski sisters discovered that Girl Scouts of the United States of America (GSUSA) aggressively supports abortion, they took a bold, conscience-driven step: leaving the organization and committing to exposing the truth about Girl Scouts’ pro-abortion agenda.

“While we recognized the many good things about Girl Scouts, we had to ask ourselves: Will we stand for our beliefs, for the dignity of life, the sanctity of marriage, modesty, purity? Or will we remain true to Girl Scouts? We cannot see any way to truly do both,” the sisters state on their website,

Tess and Sydney initiated a nationwide Girl Scout Cookie Boycott which has gained national media attention, leaving GSUSA sweating and denying abortion ties despite clear evidence!

Not only do many local Girl Scout Councils have ties to Planned Parenthood, but also GSUSA unapologetically supports abortion and abortion advocates.

Worse, GSUSA states that every girl scout is automatically a member of World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) which is staunchly pro-abortion.

No girl who is pro-life would want to be associated with WAGGGS, even indirectly.

But anyone can make a difference.

That’s what Tess and Sydney have shown, and you can make a difference by participating in the Cookiecott.

Tess and Sydney sacrificed their personal goals and friendships when they broke ties with Girls Scouts.

Can you sacrifice some cookies? Seriously!

It’s difficult to say “no” when sweet-faced girl scouts knock on your door, or ask you to support them as you walk into the grocery store.

That’s why we have fliers available to hand to their parents explaining why we are boycotting. Won’t you join us? You can make a difference!

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Download the flier here —

Read Sydney’s article “The Girl Scouts’ Radical Friends” here on the Survivors blog —

Can We Trust GSUSA?

Can we trust the Girl Scout organization?

We don’t think so. Join the #CookieCott now